Monday, June 2, 2008

Hard Work Pays Off...All the best Kara!

This girl is amazing... if hard work was part of the scoring she would have an automatic Gold and don't be surprised if she ends up in the metals. Over the past number of years we have been very fortunate to be able to sponsor Kara on her endeavours and during that time she has kept us posted by email and by many postcards after each competition. I always look forward to the postcards as they are usually from some exotic place but occasionally she gets pretty frank (down) on herself when she doesn't do well in a particular event and I know it must be pretty tough on her. The big thing with Kara is she always gets back on her feet and pushes harder...a sign of a true competitor. It is quite a feat for a young girl from PEI to be selected for our National Olympic Team particularly in such a gruelling sport as the pentathlon and we all should be very proud of her. We should also thank her friends, coaches, teachers and especially her parents who have all contributed to her outstanding performance. Go Kara Go, you can do it.
P.E.I. athlete heads to Olympics
Monday, June 2, 2008
CBC News
A Prince Edward Island pentathlon athlete will be going to the Olympic Games for the second time.
Kara Grant, from Stratford, will travel to Seoul, South Korea on Aug. 8 for eight days of training. She will then travel to Beijing to compete in the modern pentathlon on Aug. 21.
During a recent competition in Madrid, Grant, 28, received one of the best scores of her career in fencing, which is one of the components of modern pentathlon.
In 2004, Grant competed in the Olympic Games in Athens, where she placed 22nd.
Grant first became involved in pentathlon after years of equestrian training. In 1996, she won the Canadian Junior National Pentathlon title. Since then Grant has won five Senior National Championships.
In 2006 Grant had her best result at the World Championships, where she finished 9th. She said her goal is to achieve gold at the upcoming Olympic Games.
In modern pentathlon, athletes compete in five different events — fencing, shooting, swimming, riding and cross-country running.

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