Monday, June 2, 2008

Letter to the Garth Staples

Now I'm not going to jump right out and endorse this letter but it is certainly worth some some point we are going to have to get a grasp on the size of Government and we may be forced to do that just to get our deficit under control. Garth's letter may seem a little radical but at some time some Government is going to have to tackle something along these lines...done right amalgamating Stratford and Cornwall with Charlottetown could make some sense?
We Need Less Governance
The Guardian
Garth Staples, a letter writer from Charlottetown, says we should get rid of excessive governance. Here's his letter, which will be featured in Tuesday's Guardian
There never was a more opportune time to reform how we Islanders govern ourselves than now; property taxes are frozen, the municipal federation is in array, small villages are having financial troubles and the search for people interested in elective office is yielding fewer results. The burden of future taxation increases and growing inefficiencies in the delivery of government services is worthy of deep thought by our Island leadership. Seventy-five municipalities governing the ‘million acre farm’ with 138,000 souls is, putting it mildly, excess governance. Seventy-five governments running off in all directions leads to stagnation, and a growing inertia akin to Eastern European states in the 1960s.The solution is neither complicated nor extreme but rather easily achievable once egos are set aside.The following recommendation will set elected tongues wagging as they see their positions disappear and, in some cases, their entitlements.Seventy-five governments would be reduced to five, namely: Municipalities of Kings, Queens and Prince headquartered in Montague, Hunter River and O’Leary respectively.Municipalities of Charlottetown and Summerside (Stratford, Cornwall and Charlottetown would be amalgamated; Summerside, Kensington, St. Eleanors and Miscouche would also see amalgamation).The people deserve a modern and efficient system of governance. Let the leadership required step forward. Garth E. Staples, Charlottetown

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Anonymous said...

I must say that I disagree with the amalgamating of Charlottetown, Stratford and Cornwall. The City of Charlottetown has mismanaged itself into a point where it's taxes are double to triple those of its neighbours. Why should Stratford and Cornwall residents have their taxes skyrocket to bail out Charlottetown mismanagement? The residents of West Royalty, East Royalty and Winsloe are still reeling from the huge jump in their taxes, only be to be treated like 2nd class Charlottetonians as all the benefits, services and amentities get focused on the "old" Charlottetown.

The City of Charlottetown has mismanaged itself with an archaic attitude towardss business and development, a lack of foresight in getting hooked into white elephants like the Civic Centre and the CARI complex and many other things that make the sound mind just shake its head.

Let Charlottetown clean up its own mess.