Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yes It's Me...can't you tell by all the grammer mistakes!!

I was at my usual noon digs "the Urban Eatery" when a young man approached me today and asked if I (Tim Banks) really wrote this blog...when I confirmed that I was the one and only he seemed surprised...but added that he enjoyed the writing which kind of surprised me. His first clue that I was the writer should have been a close observation to my improper grammar and if it wasn't for the spell check I'd would have pleaded guilty a long time ago. To tell the truth I didn't really know much about a "blog" 45 days ago, other than a "blogger" took some pictures of my Porsche in a no parking zone that seemed to interest a lot of people. I have always strived to be ahead of the curve and it seemed this blogging thing was really catching on with the young people so I thought the only way to learn was go feet first. I don't know exactly why I decided to try this new media and I don't know how long I'll stick with it but I won't easily give up as that is not necessarily in my vocabulary. The important thing is I really do care about keeping our talented youth here on PEI and if I can develop this tool to help send the message that PEI is a great place to work, stay, play and invest then I'll feel like I'm contributing....I'm starting to get some feedback on my comments and if I am overly offending anyone in some way, please email me directly, and I will reconsider my comments...the other thing is it keeps me busy and that seems fine by my wife as I'm not bothering her...thanks for your comments.

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