Friday, May 16, 2008

"No, No, No, I want my marbles back."

Clifford sticks his head in the sand again!!
Clifford, what "courtesy" is there in meeting someone to discuss something when you already have your little mind made up???

Capital mayor won't reverse move to leave municipal body
The Guardian
Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee says he is willing to listen to the Federation of P.E.I. Municipalities’ plea for the capital city to remain a member of the federation.Sitting down to a meeting, however, will only be out of courtesy.The City of Charlottetown has no intention of reversing its decision, reached late last week and announced Monday, to pull out of the federation, Lee told The Guardian Thursday.“Do I see an opportunity for the City of Charlottetown to reverse its decision? No, I don’t,’’ he said.Bruce MacDougall, the federation’s president, said he is penning a letter to request a meeting with the City of Charlottetown.“I just want to sit down with them,’’ he said.“I know there have been a few issues have come out. I would just like to have a heart-to-heart with them and see what the real issues are.’’MacDougall said he is hopeful the municipality will reconsider its decision.He said Charlottetown has benefitted well from its membership, most recently in the federation successfully lobbying the provincial government to stop charging an administration fee to assess properties and collect property taxes. MacDougall said the move saved Charlottetown hundreds of thousands of dollars.Lee gives the federation credit for that lobby effort, but was quick to add that the federation has also swayed government to make changes that have benefited other Island municipalities at the expense of Charlottetown. He also reiterated his view that the city can bargain on its own behalf with the province more effectively than the federation.On Monday, Lee announced that the city unanimously supported a decision to end its membership with the federation. He said Thursday the decision was reached after he called a meeting of the whole last week and held a discussion with councillors and senior administration. Councillors Cecil Villard and Terry Bernard were absent due to prior commitments.“The consensus of council was the City of Charlottetown should serve notice,’’ he said.The municipality informed the federation it would no longer be a member as of June 30.A spokesperson with the Department of Communities, Cultural Affairs and Labour said the federation has indicated it will seek assistance from the province to help offset lost dues resulting from Charlottetown pulling out. The capital city has been paying an annual fee of more than $40,000 to belong to the federation.

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