Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ghost Busters

Tim Banks says, "Here they go again booting me off that Islander list as I am not anxious to know who the mechanic is.....surely there are more important issues to ask about in the House?'
Opposition on the hunt for 'mysterious mechanic'
The Guardian
The Conservative opposition is still on the hunt for the mechanic at the centre of last week's bus scare.Conservative Mike Currie says everybody wants to know who the mysterious mechanic was who discovered a serious corrosion problem on a bus. The find prompted the Island government to pull every single school bus off Island roads Thursday and Friday of last week."Would the minister please share with the House the name of the mechanic that found the rust?" Currie asked during question period yesterday. Education Minister Gerard Greenan said he doesn't know who the mechanic is but he said if he can find out who it is, he'll let Currie know today. "All Islanders are anxious to know who this mysterious mechanic is," Curried added.

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