Monday, May 12, 2008

Nice Gesture Ms. Miller

Tim Banks says, 'Nice gesture Ms. Miller, I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated.'
Woman donates shopping spree to food bank
Monday, May 12, 2008
CBC News
A woman who won a shopping spree at a Charlottetown grocery store has donated the results to the city's food bank.
Catherine Miller pulled $1,200 worth of groceries off the shelves during the spree and donated every item to the Upper Room soup kitchen and food bank .
"[I] had a little bit of a wish list from the food bank because I called them and told them that I was going to do this," said Miller.
"I kind of had a heads-up as to what they were looking for. Peanut butter is always a big one for food banks and children and such, diapers."
Officials at the Upper Room are thrilled with the donation.
"I thought it was a very generous idea and we certainly appreciate what she has done for us. And just the thought that somebody wants to help us like that is so wonderful," said supervisor Judy Campbell.
Miller said she has a small family and felt others needed the winnings more than they did.
Campbell said as far as she knows, this is the first shopping spree the Upper Room has received as a donation.

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