Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Congratulations Everyone

Sometimes we don't give enough credit to the people who do the tireless work in the background and when something goes awry we Islanders seem to be the first ones to be critical. I made a point of getting home from Halifax yesterday to exercise my vote,(even though my kids are no longer in our school system) 1. Because our representative Gael MacEachern had worked hard in the past and deserved to be reinstated. 2. It's important to pay attention to how our children are educated (the educators may not like it) and the best feedback usually comes from parents through their school board representative. 3. If I didn't vote then I wouldn't feel like I could speak out about the School Board if some policy came out that I wasn't in favour of. There wasn't a large turnout for the school board election and hopefully we, as Islanders, will start to pay more attention to the importance of this role if we want to strengthen the caliber and quality of students we educate. Congratulations everyone for putting your name forward for these important responsibilities and all the best.
Clow returns for fourth term as school district trustee
The Guardian
Bob Clow is back in for a fourth term as school trustee of Zone 10 in the Eastern School District. Clow is the past chair of the board. He defeated nearest rival Gordie Noye by 35 votes. Elections were held Monday in a number of school zones across the province but many had only one candidate who won by acclamation.
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