Friday, May 16, 2008

Bring Those Tories was great the old way

I received the following email today which I was very sad to see,

From: Golf Links PEI []
Sent: Friday, May 16, 2008 1:50 PM
To: Tim Banks
Subject: Season Opening... (but you're not invited Tim)

For many years I had it made, I would buy a "full" membership to Crowbush and I would also buy a "corporate" membership (not cheap) and this would allow me to pre-book an early Saturday morning tee time. Fully sanctioned by those Tories!!!

I would invite a few friends and we would have the time of our lives, cheating, lying, telling tales and the odd bit of golf. I had so much fun that I have been luring loads of friends and business people "to and fro" and spending big doe (not to mention many lost wagers). It all came to a grinding halt this week when one of the many financial and planning wizards of the great golf paradise at Golf Links PEI decided in their good wisdom that I was somehow breaking the "rules" (not just with the foot putter). The simple fact that my friends had now shelled up the big bucks to become members, we somehow were not taking out "corporate guests" in our little 6:30 am frolics, even though I had shelled out the corporate membership again. Bringing loads of guests during the week wasn't enough!!

Apparently there is some great accounting formula whereby the good folks at Golf Links PEI figured out they could make more money by kicking me off and replacing me with "who" as there is hardly anyone ever at the 6:40 am tee spot? I guess someone forgot to factor in the "f" factor which means "finished" and they no longer get my business and whatever I brought with it. Sort of like the pork plant and the meat plant, when they finally don't have enough customers they will start paying people to show up, but hardly me, as I'm a big Liberal with loads of money and to close to the Premier!!!

I had many great times there, I made a lot of great friends in the staff and membership, and I dearly enjoyed every moment. I'm really going to miss it all, but I didn't get where I am by trying to kiss someones ass politically to force them into some common sense and let me back to my old Tory ways.

I'd go to bed but I can't sleep, knowing someone else is getting ahead of me, enjoying our Island Paradise at its best, early when the sun rises.

When I fall asleep tonight, in my dreams I can only hope that my good friend Mike Currie will stand in the House and plead with Robert for my sanity and let me back on. In the meantime I'm hoping some course somewhere will put up with me and take my money. Maybe Mom will buy it for me....

Blair MacLauchlan is involved in the ownership of at least 4 premier golf courses and if you ask him how many people worked "off site" year round promoting his golf courses he would more than likely "scoff at the idea" or "laugh" as it would be so silly.....I haven't been able to find out the total number of people looking after our Provincial courses but when you account for the wages, travel, expenses, must be in the many hundreds of here are only a few on our Provincial golf payroll,

Ron MacNeill, Director of Development

Greg Dukart, General Manager

Beecher D Gillis, Senior Golf Accountant, Golf Links

Terri L Campbell, Secretary, Golf Links

Terry Hamilton, Golf Shop Supervisor

Jim Scott, Golf Clerk, Golf Links

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