Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What About Covering The Bicycle Paths?

What About Covering The Bicycle Paths? I'm almost scared to suggest this as someone on Stratford Council may think I'm serious and head out and implement a "study" to determine the cost of this and then "do it". Wouldn't it just make a lot of sense for parents of the kids using the Parks and other Park users to be responsible themselves to see that they have "UV" protection? I was listening to the radio interview about this, when someone from Council said, "they weren't going to worry about the cost (forget the taxpayer) they were just going to get the shading done"..... I was going to walk down to KFC for lunch today but not only don't they have a sidewalk, they don't have it covered (what about my bald head), as they are too busy planning "Downtown Disney". It never ceases to amaze me that most of these silly ideas seem to pop out of the most influential communities taking away from the basic needs like sidewalks, etc..?
P.E.I. park has it made in the shade
Last Updated: Tuesday, May 27, 2008
CBC News
Tea Hill Park in Stratford has become the first park in P.E.I. to be designated as sun safe by the Canadian Cancer Society.
A volunteer from the Canadian Cancer Society conducted a shade audit of Tea Hill Park, and the town is implementing recommendations so there is adequate protection from the sun.
"Add more usable shade in the form of hardwoods; soccer fields in particular need some kind of portable structure," said volunteer Heather Wilson.
"Cleaning out around [the trees in] the beach area so that you could put picnic tables under there and people could use that shade. Because that shade down by the beach area is actually quite nice, if it was just cleaned out a little bit."
All parks audited
Stratford is looking at all 30 of its parks.
"There's been some tree planting here in Tea Hill Park, along with some other parks," said Coun. Gary Clow.
"We're evaluating the other ball diamonds and soccer fields to see if we need portable shade areas that we could provide."
P.E.I.'s skin cancer rates are among the highest in Canada: nearly double the national average. The cancer society hopes all communities will conduct shade audits of parks as a part of bringing those rates down.


Anonymous said...

I live near Tea Hill park, and am the proud owner of a baseball cap which does a fine job of keeping the sun at bay. I agree with Tim that doing something about the missing sidewalks and shortage of street lights in the Tea Hill park neighborhood would be a much better investment of my taxpaying dollar.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with Tim, i work at CGI and not only is there no sidewalk there is no freaking crosswalk. Paint is pretty pricey nowadays i guess.