Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jazz..Big Price, But Great Service...

Last night I wasn't feeling very well so I had to bail on my flight to Toronto as I didn't want to treat the passengers to my upset stomach. So I rearranged my flight for noon today at Air Canada Jazz, at a staggering cost of $660 one way, but I had commitments I had to make so I had no choice. I also had to rearrange 30 lobsters and 20 lbs of mussels that were travelling with me for a dinner I am putting on tomorrow night in Georgian Bay and maybe a little business golf with it. I must say that Troy Warren the Air Canada Manager in Charlottetown went out of his way to insure that I got my lobsters traveling with me on Air Cargo. I booked the front seat 1C thinking that would put me near a washroom in case my stomach acted up but once I got on I realized the only washroom was at the back. I had the good fortune of an attractive young purser who took notice that I wasn't having anything to eat or drink. So later in the flight she offered up some of her lunch (carrots and a cranberry citrus oak crunch cookie) which was greatly appreciated as I was starting to feel better and it hit the spot. We had a few bumps while landing in Toronto as it was pretty windy but the lobsters and I were fine thanks to all the great staff at Jazz. I picked up the lobsters at Air Cargo and made my way to Collingwood to meet some friends for golf and business tomorrow. I promise I'll represent our Island Hospitality at its best when I'm cooking up the mussels and the red puppies tomorrow night and when a few of these Ontarian's get a taste I'm hoping our Island fisherman will be getting a bigger price when they see how good our products are. So again thanks to everyone at Air Jazz, even if the price was high, the service was excellent.


Anonymous said...

It can very easily go the opposite way as well. I used to routinely have to take last minute flights from Toronto to Washington, and the fare ran well over $1000 each way for the short flight and the service out of Toronto wasn't always great.

I think that is the thing WestJet and Porter have managed: reliability. You might not get people giving your their lunch, but you sure as hell know that in advance.

Then again, WJ and Porter have nowhere near the scale of operation of AC/Jazz

Anonymous said...

Are You a Jazz Investor? Does IMP Group Internatinal, own Jazz and WestJet?