Friday, October 9, 2009

Where's our "Business Enterprise"....

Today a reader sent in a very good question that probably should be asked by the local Chamber of Commerce's to Government... and that is “what Department in Government is representing our Business Community” which is truly the backbone of our Island economy... years ago on PEI farmers farmed and fishers fished and they pretty much stuck to their industry but nowadays dealing with all the regulations, banking requirements, marketing, and bureaucratic red tape they are really considered a business and require the same services other business people do... but here on PEI we don't have a Department of Business Enterprise but what we do have is a Department of Innovation and Advanced Learning (whatever that is) with a business division called "Innovation PEI”... but it's certainly nothing that portrays a "branding of small business" and I think the Government has it backwards... what would farmers do if Government changed the name of their department to the "Department of Carrots" with a division called "carrot farming" or what would the fishers say if Government rebranded the Department of Fisheries to the "Department of Mussels"... one of the first things they teach you in Business 101 is marketing and preserving your "brand" and I can't understand why our business Community is not up in arms with the "bastardization" of PEI's business brand... don't get me wrong I'm all for innovation and learning as a division of PEI Business Enterprise but during these economy times our small businesses need a place to go that "talks their language" and helps them through this crises.... I had lunch with Minister Campbell a couple of weeks ago and I gave him an earful on this issue and I'm hoping he'll see his way towards change....

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Ritchie Simpson, The Mortgage Guy has left a new comment on your post "Hot Tip... golf is in trouble": "...or at least a Department that is experienced in business and understands how development works.." and what department would that be?

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