Friday, October 16, 2009

A New Set Of Doors.... but not much more...

It's interesting to hear these comments from Minister Bertram... "The Charlottetown Civic Centre is a legacy building and has become a landmark for Islanders" as most Charlottetown taxpayers just see the building as a financial draw on the City's budget and for the most part they don't really get a lot of personal use out of the building... I do agree that it is a bit of a "legacy" from the Canada Winter Games in 1991 and now less than 20 years later the property is pretty tired and still falling behind budget to the tune of about $500,000.00 a year... but to call this building a "landmark" (a building or other place that is of outstanding historical, aesthetic, or cultural importance, often declared as such and given a special status "landmark designation", or daining its preservation, by some authorizing organization) is really stretching it... most people believe it was poorly conceived because it was built by a "committee" and you don't have to go far to find "building users" who continue to have complaints about the building's design... usually a "legacy building" draws out a "naming sponsor" who will gladly donate a sizeable amount of money towards capital improvements to have their name attached to the building but that doesn't seem to be the case here... at one point Mayor Lee was considering a Major Renovation to the building to keep up with Basil but my guess is that won't be happening anytime soon..
Civic Centre to undergo renovations
The Guardian
The Charlottetown Civic Centre will undergo $184,000 in renovations the next few months, it was announced Friday.
The project includes the construction of a new dedicated entrance tothe Trade Centre, which will allow for multiple events to occur simultaneously and will also reduce heat loss from the exterior doors.
Also, a new event planning and staging area will be built to allow for the efficient production of the many events hosted by the Civic Centre.
The funding comes from an investment of nearly $77,280 under the Province’s Island Community Fund (ICF), a new provincially funded infrastructure program, and $60,720 from the Government of Canada’s Recreational Infrastructure Canada (RInC) Program, a key federal economic stimulus initiative under its Economic Action Plan.
The Civic Centre Management Inc. will provide the balance of $46,000. Carolyn Bertram, P.E.I. Minister of Communities, Cultural Affairs and Labour, on behalf of the Province of PEI, and Keith Ashfield, Minister of State (Atlantic Canada OpportunitiesAgency), made the announcement Friday in Charlottetown. “The Charlottetown Civic Centre is a legacy building and has become a landmark for Islanders,” said Bertram. “The province is pleased to provide funding to help sustain this sporting and trade facility and provide a more diverse atmosphere for hosting events in our capital region.” “Through our government’s Economic Action Plan, we continue to provide timely and targeted stimulus to communities across Canada,” said Ashfield.
“The Civic Centre has a history of bringing together families, friends and neighbours to learn new skills, exchange ideas, get fit and healthy, and have fun. This investment will allow the Civic Centre to better attract functions and events on a year-round basis.”

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