Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Now That's A Mouth Full....

"We feel we don't need to be competing with the private sector." so you say... well there are about 20 Government boards that are competing with the private sector everyday and one of them Minister Campbell just bought a building last week from Kays Brothers using taxpayers money to do it... and you can bet when they go over budget renovating it and they can't find a tenant to pay market rate they'll do exactly what every other Government does in this situation which is lower the rent and screw all the neighbouring property owners... bottom line here is why didn't Government just wait until a private developer bought the building and let the private developer fixed it up.... it's easy to "talk the talk" but will Government "walk the walk" and it sounds like Minister Campbell is going to give it a shot so maybe the Premier should also hand him over the golf course files...
Province selling off business buildings
Wednesday, October 7, 2009
CBC News
The P.E.I. government is selling off four buildings it owns in industrial parks, saying it does not want to be in competition with private developers.
Three of the buildings are in Charlottetown's West Royalty Industrial Park — the North and South Malls and 88 Watts Drive — and the other is an industrial mall in Summerside.
"We feel we don't need to be competing with the private sector," Innovation Minister Allan Campbell said.
"It's part of allowing them to do their work and allowing them to grow and flourish in the province as well. It's part of the one-Island-community theme."
Campbell said the government expects to get $4.7 million from the sales, but that is not the impetus behind the decision to sell.
"That's not what it's all about. It's about getting out of competition with the private sector," he said.
Earlier this year the government took down the for-sale sign on four provincially owned golf courses. Tourism Minister Valerie Docherty said that is no contradiction. The province is not seeking a buyer for the courses because economic conditions are not right for a sale, but the government is still open to offers.
"Of course they're for sale," Docherty said.
"If the right buyer comes along with the price that's going to benefit taxpayers, we're always open to that."
Docherty expects government will eventually get the deal it is looking for when the economy improves.
While only four government buildings are on the block right now, Campbell said government is looking at other properties that could be put on the market as well, all in the name of not competing with the private sector.

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