Monday, October 19, 2009

“To move them outside the city makes no sense, economically,” says MacDonald

Now here's a new twist on the English language Charlottetown City Councillor David MacDonald talking "...sense, economically" in the same sentence... and he's the City Councillor responsible for "economic development" and the very same guy that is trying to stop "economic development" by putting every conceivable roadblock up against the new development at the Idlewheels Trailer Park... and now he's out there giving us some "mumbo jumbo" that a new $20,000,000.00 Convention Centre and all the business and development that goes along with it won't make up for the Coast Guard being relocated... well I could think of a "ton of reasons" why a Major Convention Centre would be a much better economic trade for the City of Charlottetown but what the heck would I know about trading up for a better economic situation... but I do know a little about "economic development" and certainly enough to know that Councillor MacDonald appears to be more of a socialist than an economic builder and he should be removed as Chair of Economic Development if the City of Charlottetown ever expects to move forward building on our economy... it wouldn't surprise me if the current 30 coast guard jobs end up in Summerside which is in Gail Shea's riding and the 30 DFO jobs stay in Charlottetown and I suspect the 30 coast guard jobs were heading to Summerside anyway.... and if you don't believe me just ask Basil....
Capital digs in on coast guard, DFO
The Guardian
The City of Charlottetown is not prepared to trade the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the coast guard for a new convention centre. The federal and provincial governments are in negotiations to build a multimillion-dollar convention centre on land that now houses the coast guard and Fisheries and Oceans on lower Queen Street in Charlottetown. If approved, both will have to find a new home. The Island’s port cities and towns, including Summerside, Georgetown, Souris, and Borden-Carleton, are all lobbying to be the new home for the coast guard and Fisheries and Oceans. But the capital city is not prepared to let the federal government facilities go without a fight. David MacDonald, the councillor responsible for economic development, says he understands a decision regarding the future home of the coast guard and Fisheries and Oceans will be coming down soon. He is urging Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee and his colleagues on council to continue to fight to maintain those facilities in the city. “To move them outside the city makes no sense, economically,” says MacDonald. “Even from a protection point of view, in the areas that the coast guard protects we are closer in the City of Charlottetown, we have the infrastructure here to maintain those facilities.” Nearly 60 people now work at the coast guard and Fisheries and Oceans in Charlottetown. Lee has said from the beginning that moving the base out of Charlottetown would be wrong. “I want to build upon what the City of Charlottetown has, not to continue to take away from the city to relocate to other parts of the province,” he said. Fisheries Minister Gail Shea will ultimately be responsible for where the coast guard and Fisheries and Oceans will end up. She has not indicated where it may be relocated. A study showed P.E.I. could lose up to 25 per cent of its meeting and convention business if a new convention centre is not built. Nearby cities in Fredericton and Halifax are proceeding with plans to expand their convention centres. Moncton is also considering a proposal to build a new convention centre.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me the matter of the Coast Guard relocation should have been part of a master plan if the City wanted to keep the Coast Guard.
Where did the City plan on locating the Coast Guard?
This wining after it appears that the Convention Centre might go ahead does not speak well of the planning department of the City.

Unknown said...

Why does the Coast Guard or Fisheries have to move at all? Where is it written that in order to have have a Convention Centre we have to give up some other economic generator? And why is the Queen St location the only place a Convention Centre can go, when there are oodles of acres of undeveloped land along the waterfront; land where no one's view would be affected?
It may be true that Gail Shea will rob Charlottetown's Peter to pay Summerside's Paul, but that is not sufficient reason that Charlottetown should support foolish and rash decisions. The political and economic leadership in Charlottetown need to stand up and shout clearly to Ottawa, Tignish and Rochford St (because this is clearly a darling idea of the 5th floor)that this particular screwing of Charlottetown is not acceptable.