Thursday, October 22, 2009

Well it's a start... but there could be more...

A few weeks ago I read with delight that Minister Campbell was getting out of the business of competing with private enterprise.... so today I was pleased to receive an "opportunity notice" that was sent across the Country to a large number of likely investors by CBRE for a few commercial buildings that the Government has "listed" in the Charlottetown and Summerside industrial parks for sale.... most of these buildings were built back in the era of "Rex Grosse" who was imported by the Campbell Government to lead Industrial Enterprises which was a Provincial crown agency in the late Seventies charged with bringing new industries to PEI... Rex was a "big hitter" and brought a lot of new deals to PEI some of which didn't fully pan out like Benner Ski Company and Bellrive Fashions and he seemed to be always under fire by the opposition of the day... but all in all I believe he was quite successful at making things happen and we have great successes like Paderno, Diagnostic Chemicals and host of others that he played a big part in helping out... now some the buildings that were built back then are on the market and hopefully they will attract some new investors willing to reinvest bringing some new ideas and life back into these properties... there are still a host of other Government properties like the Tech Centre, CGI building, CADC apartments, Invesco Building, Bloomfield call centre, the golf courses and many others that should also be put on the market... so check out the site below as there could be a real estate opportunity there for you....

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