Sunday, October 18, 2009

Madam Speaker... there is a new wave....

I received the following notice of a meeting of "The Press Gallery" for this evening at the Coles building and I think I'll show up to watch some of the action as they try and "bounce" Mr. Pottie out... but some of these media people should take a few moments and breeze over this article from CBC today before they start discounting “all the social media"... in Nova Scotia there is a daily web based newscaster All Nova Scotia that thousands of business people like myself subscribe to that is the most current provider of business and political news in Nova Scotia... hands down they are more on top of the news than any other media competitor in their market place... they report on the Nova Scotia Legislature and do a very good job but it strikes me that our local print and broadcasting media would probably "not allow them in" our Press Gallery because they don't work for a traditional newspaper, television or radio business.... I’m thinking some of these traditional media people may be looking for new jobs as the economy and advertising weakness plays havoc with their industry and they shouldn’t snub their noses at the electronic media as they may very well have to work in it someday.... I’ll even go a step further and predict that the Journal Pioneer will probably shut down operations in the next 12 months as they are currently just barely making target... younger people no longer read our print media, listen to the radio news or watch a TV news broadcast as they source their news with RRS feeds and Tweets through their computers, iPods, iPhones and other electronic devices.... and the Speaker of the House should open her eyes to this and “allow our social media access to our Legislature” if she ever expects our youth to get involved...
The Press Gallery of the Prince Edward Island Legislative Assembly will be holding a meeting on Monday, Oct. 19 at 7 p.m. in the Pope Room of the Coles Building (Next to Province House.)
The purpose of the meeting will be to elect a new vice-president (broadcasting), as well as to address a decision of the executive to recommend to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly to remove the membership of Stephen Pate and NJN Network, pursuant to a motion in the Prince Edward Island Legislative Assembly dated April 6, 1971.
Members of the Press Gallery of the Prince Edward Island Legislative Assembly are urged to attend the meeting. Please note that membership is based on the Media Accreditation list for the 2009 spring sitting.
Only those on that list are eligible to vote. But the meeting itself is open to all members of the media and the public.
For more information, contact Wayne Thibodeau at (902) 629-6000, ext. 6043.


Anonymous said...

This post actually drew a "wow" from my mouth to think of the short-sighted and spineless nature of the press gallery.

They really need to take the blinders off and look at the reality of today's marketplace

Anonymous said...

It is a very dangerous precedent to make membership of the press gallery dependent on not having offended politicians. The Speaker should be well above making judgments on press commentary in any event.

Gadflies have their place and politicians everywhere try to silence them. However, freedom of the press is indivisible. Thibodeau's role in this is despicable.

Andrew said...

Citizen journalism is all fine and dandy until professional (paid) journalism fades away.
Are bloggers prepared to enter court rooms to cover mundane everyday hearings? They are welcome to do so already. What about covering a sensitive topic such as PNP? Are bloggers able to cover such a large topic AND keep their opinion and voice out of their posts?

I asked two very important questions. I have no doubt some bloggers are up to the challenge but the majority of bloggers do not have the time or resources required to keep on top of big issues.

Everything Stephen Pate covers is "reported" with his opinion. What Pate does is barley even editorial let alone journalism.
And that goes got the majority of blogs I follow.