Thursday, October 22, 2009

Calm Down......

For what it’s worth I'm in disagreement with both... the Trans-Canada Highway is a major link between the City and Eastern PEI and it needs to be a functioning service highway... the bridge has been widened and is now functioning right... the intersections off the bridge have been fixed with traffic signals and are functioning fine... the Keppoch Road intersection has been fixed with traffic signals and now functions fine... and all that remains now is to fix the "mishmash" of intersections near Tea Hill and the Industrial Park with more lanes and traffic signals and the Trans Canada will function quicker and safer.... there is a serious safety issue in this area and as more traffic is coming and going from the industrial park it won't be long before a serious accident will happen... and if you don't believe me then just ask any traffic consultant and they'll come to the same conclusion.... slowing down the traffic and installing sidewalks to nowhere just doesn't make sense in my view. From a pure economic point of view fixing this intersection will attract more service and retail related businesses that provide jobs, investment and a tax base for the Community and I have continued to suggest this to Town Council for the past seven years. Fixing the highway will cost a fifth of what it will cost to move the lagoon and fixing the highway has more of a chance of getting national brand clothing companies, banks and retailers like Canadian Tire, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Superstore to invest in Stratford than moving a lagoon ($10,000,000.00)... collecting more taxes from new investment sounds better than raising taxes to pay for relocating a lagoon so maybe it's time to reconsider some priorities... think about revenues not expense...
Stratford MLA wants traffic calmed
Thursday, October 22, 2009
CBC News
Traffic calming work should be done to make the Trans-Canada Highway through Stratford, P.E.I., look as if you are driving through a town, says the area's MLA.
Currently the highway has no sidewalk or other features to signify to drivers they are entering the urban area, which is just east of Charlottetown. Traffic often moves faster than the 70 km/h speed limit.
Cynthia Dunsford would like to see a project similar to the one just completed in Hunter River. More than $3.5 million was spent on sidewalks, medians, lighting and other features to slow down traffic.
"Create medians and, you know, be able to add vegetation and trees and shrubs and what not to have that sense of we're slowing down into a town," said Dunsford.
"There's ideas for a new intersection. Business wants to come to Stratford more and more. And as we know, it is the fastest-growing community in P.E.I."
Dunsford is lobbying the province and the federal government for a project in Stratford like the one just completed in Hunter River.
Stratford Mayor Kevin Jenkins said there is a plan for redesigning that strip of the Trans-Canada, but that dealing with the sewage lagoons at the town's entrance is more important.
"Perhaps our top priority is the relocation, doing something with the lagoons, on our waterfront," said Jenkins.
"After that is done, certainly the Trans-Canada Highway is a close No. 2 on our list of priorities."
Jenkins said it could be some time before drivers see changes to the highway through Stratford.


Anonymous said...

There sure are a lot of Tory's lining up for Cynthia's job. That warm feeling is people breathing down you neck Parkdale Doris!

Anonymous said...

Tim..relax I can't imagine any sane person would actually take this insane idea of Dunsford's seriously.

This was nothing buta very lame attempt of Dunford's to get herself into the media.

She must have been to Summerside and saw Carolyn Bertram's new Highway through Hunter River and decided she should have one also.

What Dunsford might do is reconsider this idea and just wait a year or two and see just how well the concept works.

Because I somehow doubt the concept will work all that well as far as the traveling public concerned.
The idea of condensing 4 lanes of traffice into a city street scape and not having major traffic line ups or accidents just seems like an accident waiting to happen.

Dunsford as usual speaks before she thinks.