Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rain, rain, go away...and come back another day..

Not necessarily the record we're looking for as it has a big impact on our tourism industry. I'm impressed that the Federal Environment people were out with the August numbers so early as we're all still patiently waiting for the Province to release the July visitor numbers??? Hopefully the weather will take a turn for better times ahead and we'll get a few tourists back and our farmers will get their crops in without too much grief. I was on one of our sites today in Halifax and although the building is nearly finished inside we are about two weeks behind on the roof and our tenants are moving in next Friday and we'll probably be still on the roof with a large crew trying to finish up.
Soaking wet August sets record for rainfall
The Guardian
It’s official, August was the wettest month ever recorded on Prince Edward Island. The weather office at the Charlottetown Airport reports that 15 mm. of rain fell on Sunday, the last day of August, to bring the month’s total precipitation to 238.8 mm.Prior to the weekend, P.E.I. had already set an all-time record rainfall for August. Rainfall for the month as of midday Friday was 223.8 mm, up from the previous high of 209.6 mm which fell in August 1991. The normal rainfall for August is 87.3 mm. The other record left was for the wettest month ever and that was easily shattered with Sunday’s rainfall. Just over four millimetres of rain was needed to come down for the province to surpass the 227.9 mm all-time record monthly rainfall of July 1979. Rainfall records have been kept since 1943. Rain fell like never before during August, said senior climatologist David Phillips of Environment Canada. Temperatures were about normal this month with an average daily high of 18.1 C. There were 20 days of rain this month, including seven with “significant’’ accummulation. Typically, P.E.I. has 11 days of rain in August.

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