Tuesday, September 16, 2008

$800,000.00 Golf Giveaway...give us a Break..

I still don't believe after the failure of The Legends of Golf that the good people at Golf Links PEI would have got the green light from the Minister to sign up a $800,000.00 subsidy to a US Golf Promotional Company. Now add on to this the lost revenue and exposure of the course coupled with the staff travel and accompanying TV ads and we're sure to blow a cool million bucks on promoting something 76 % of all Islanders want us to get the hell out of...sure seems like a vote getting scheme to me...
Film crew teeing up Television series set to shoot at Mill River golf course
Transcontinental Media
MILL RIVER — Looking to play a round of golf? Don’t bother trying the Mill River Provincial Golf Course. It’s currently closed to the public from September 14 to 29."It’s shut down for a television series," Julie Whitlock, communications officer for Tourism P.E.I., said in response to a media enquiry Monday. But no one wants to say what type of series is being shot at the public course."It’s a closed set," Whitlock indicated.Rocket science isn’t needed to figure it out, though. In July the Province announced a deal with the Golf Channel which included filming of its popular reality TV show, Big Break on a P.E.I. course. Government has refused to indicate when and where the show will be shot, but Mill River was thought to be the likely spot. The show’s opening sequence, Big Break, in big block letters, as if carved in rock, was set up Monday near the driving range on the Mill River course. It is not known whether the reality show’s contestants who will be vying for exemptions into professional tour events, have arrived yet. The only action on the course Monday seemed to be coming from maintenance personnel and equipment. Signage indicates the course, the par-3 practice greens and the Rodd Mill River Resort and dining room are closed to the public from September 14 to 29. The signage does not indicate why.

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