Thursday, September 25, 2008

A cheesie story... Good Work ADL

As a young boy growing up in Summerside I was very aware of ADL and the positive impact they played in our community. In fact I can remember every summer going with my great Uncle Jim from Boston over to the cheese factory to pick up a "wheel" of aged cheddar and always getting a tour of the plant. My Uncle claimed it was the "best cheese in the world" and I was always amazed at the pride you could see in the plant employees when they showed us around the plant. Over the years I've watched this Company continue to prosper and today’s announcement is proof again that they are always working hard to keep pace with their customers and continuing to grow and invest in our Community... Kudos to the staff, directors and farmers who make us all proud of this great Island Company...
Organic cheese production begins on P.E.I.
Thursday, September 25, 2008
CBC News
Amalgamated Dairies Ltd. in Summerside processed its first vat of organic cheese this week.
It is the first commercial organic cheese in the Maritimes. ADL director of finance Chad Mann said the company is still in the preliminary stages of developing the new product. It will take a few weeks for the cheese to age so it can be tested for flavour and texture.
"We have three or four varieties that we have in mind that we'd like to make with this milk, but we just haven't decided yet which would be the best, depending on the milk characteristics," said Mann.
Mann said the company is also exploring markets for the cheese.
"A lot of it might be into markets that are outside of P.E.I., because you know the demographics here and the consumer base is very limited."
The milk comes from four organic dairy operations, and is collected in a separate truck. It passes through the ADL processing line before the conventional milk.
The four organic dairy farmers are getting a premium for the milk they produce.


Anonymous said...

It is the best cheese (I prefer Fort) and every year for over 40 years of going home in the summer it was a requirement to stop at the Water St. plant and get cheese to go back to Boston (so many waiting for our return). We continue the tradition today, but now go to the Read Corner location.

Anonymous said...

What does it say about me that local organic cheese has me excited?