Monday, September 1, 2008

Bring Your Teens Here...and save some taxes.

I think for the most part everyone wants to spend their dollars here and I agree that if they do it has a great impact in our local economy. But I wouldn't hold out waiting for a big spree on the back to school market as a lot of kids especially the older ones are very focused on our environment and are into recycling and wearing used (vintage) cloths. Couple that with a major drop in student enrolment, then it is reasonable to expect back to school sales will be down and retailers are going to have to find new products to entice these consumers into their stores. As most people know it's pretty hard to change a teenagers mind particularly when it comes to fashion and throw in their belief that the grass is greener (M0ncton) on the other side and we have our work cut out. It might be the right time to look at some new marketing partnerships with our local retailers and hotels putting shopping packages out to places like Moncton, Fredericton and Halifax luring more families with teenagers here to shop and save their sales tax on clothing, something that will appeal to the parents...
Chamber urges people to shop on Island

Friday, August 29, 2008
CBC News
The Charlottetown Chamber of Commerce is encouraging people to shop on the Island, following reports from local stores that back-to-school sales are down.
"It comes down to education of the people, parents and kids … it does a great service to Islanders when you do buy on P.E.I. We just have to keep getting that message out," said Doug Coles, president of the chamber.
But many teens prefer to shop off-Island for back to school clothes. Mitchell MacLean, a Charlottetown teen, said he does half of his shopping in Halifax.
"There's a lot of stores over there we don't have here," he explained.
Tiffany Morrison, from Charlottetown, said she does most of her shopping in Moncton, N.B., because they have a better variety of stores.
Philip Tweel, the owner of Charlottetown's Island Active Wear, said his store carries the same products as the stores in Moncton and Halifax.
"They know we have it, but they think they're going to get more over there," he said.
The Charlottetown Chamber of Commerce is planning to launch radio and print ads as Christmas approaches, urging people to buy their gifts from local stores.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck unless we bring in the "cool" stores such as American Eagle and Gap!