Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another's what I think

I'm hoping we get a Majority one way or the other as our Government has to start focusing on their agendas not spending all their time trying to keep themselves in power. Harper and Layton had great outdoor backdrops for their first comments on the election while Dion's comments were held inside a building on a very beautiful sunny day in Ottawa which didn't seem to be a very good setting for someone pushing a clean environment? On PEI I'm thinking MacAulay and Murphy are easy Liberal wins ... Easter's seat will be a little closer this time and Egmont will depend on how the National campaign looks nearing the end. I concur with Harper that it's going to be a tough fight and I expect we're going to see some US style ads in both print and the electronic media. The Liberals have to shift away from the "green shift" as no one understands it and they have to focus on what they can do for Canadians....
Vote set for Oct. 14th Harper expects tight, tough election

Federal election day after Thanksgiving is 3rd in just over 4 years
CBC News
Canadians will head to the polls in a general election on Oct. 14, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Sunday in Ottawa after meeting with the Governor General.
Harper made the announcement outside Rideau Hall after his conversation with Michaëlle Jean.
"Her Excellency, the Governor General, has seen fit to dissolve Parliament," he said.
The vote will take place one day after the Thanksgiving holiday.Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion says the Oct. 14 election may be the most 'crucial' campaign in election history. (CBC)
"Between now and Oct. 14, Canadians will choose a government to look out for their interests at a time of global economic trouble," Harper said.
When asked about what the outcome might be, the Conservative leader said, "We believe it is going to be a tough election. We believe it will be a tight election. And, yes, we believe in all likelihood it will be a minority."
Before taking questions, Harper paused briefly to praise Canada as the "best country in the world," and said serving as prime minister has been an honour.

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