Sunday, September 14, 2008

$100,000.00 FLOP!!!

On one of my last Department of Tourism blog rants I had made a comment..."Houston, we've got a problem" and now it has come home to roost! Someone down at Tourism gave away $100,000.00 of taxpayers' money to a rock promoter to lure 10,000 off Island fans to PEI. This quote is straight from PEI Tourism's press release "the tourism department believes if 10,000 concert-goers eat, sleep, and drink on P.E.I., the province's investment will pay off ". Well folks only 3,000 fans showed up and I have my doubts if 500 of them came from out of Province so how do you spell "FLOP"... Gentle Island, Big Break, Big Flop... time for a shake up there Robert....see my previous blog
Good Charlotte rocks Summerset
The Guardian
American rock band Good Charlotte from Waldorf, Maryland rocked the Summerset Music Festival Saturday night in Alexandra while approximately 3,000 fans loved it. The band was among five groups that opened for headliner Canadian Alanis Morissette. One of the bands on the bill was Haywire of Prince Edward Island who made a name for themselves in earlier times. (Guardian photo by Brian McInnis)


Tim G, said...

How was Alanis? Did anyone get to see her?

Anonymous said...

Alanis looked as though she had been working the 'Krispy Kreme Stair Master' or the 'Burger King Home Gym.'

She was ample with lots to hold on to...I could have sworn she was a strapping corn feed Island lasse!!

Anonymous said...

This was like spending money so Abigail Breslin (child star...) could visit the island this summer. I wonder when those dividends are going to pay off. It would have been a better marketing strategy to have an online contest with the prize for a family of 4 vacation on PEI. Think of all the publicity..