Monday, September 8, 2008

Larry, Larry, Quite Contrary...

Teresa, I think Larry told you a bold face lie...Larry thought Lawrence should have worked for him against Robert Ghiz and now he is simply trying to get back at Lawrence... and if anything, this foolish stunt by Larry will probably get Lawrence more votes. Poor Larry just doesn’t get it and he'll probably lose his deposit...but entertain a lot of folks in the process. Does this mean Larry will be looking to get in on the National TV debate???
McGuire running in Cardigan as independent
The Guardian
A familiar face in Island politics will soon be joining the federal race in Cardigan.Larry McGuire, a retired teacher and brother of Egmont MP Joe McGuire, plans to run as an independent federal candidate in Cardigan.Once he registers as an official candidate, McGuire will face off at the polls against 20-year veteran Liberal MP Lawrence MacAulay and political newcomer Sid McMullin, running for the Conservatives. McGuire said he wanted to join the race after hearing the many concerns of Cardigan riding residents. “People are concerned in Cardigan about rural P.E.I. to a great extent,” he said.“I didn’t jump into this lightly. I’ve been quite active since the last provincial election and I really want to take a stand again and do what I can to stop the bleeding in rural P.E.I.”McGuire created a firestorm of controversy during a Liberal nomination convention in which he was running in 2006, when he suggested that “fat-cat, well-heeled Tories” would be moved out of their provincial government jobs and Liberals put at the top of the list if a Liberal government was elected in P.E.I.After this public statement, Liberal Leader and now Premier Robert Ghiz refused to sign his Liberal nomination papers for District 7. So, he ran as an independent in Morell-Mermaid. McGuire says he believes his experience in last year’s provincial election helped him gain an understanding of the issues facing rural P.E.I. But he said the main reason he decided to throw his hat into this race was the Liberal green shift proposal. “The straw that broke the camel’s back for me was this proposed carbon tax by the Dion Liberals,” he said.“People who are the most vulnerable are the ones being taxed, and taxing home heating fuel was just - well, I couldn’t stand by and have this tax go unchallenged.” McGuire said he’s got a campaign team almost in place and he plans to unveil his platform of policy initiatives over the coming weeks. He refuted any suggestion he was running merely to unseat long-time MP MacAulay out of bitterness for MacAulay not having supported his provincial campaign. “No, you can’t take politics personally. I’ve moved on from that years ago it seems,” he said. “I think the people in Cardigan are looking for a choice. The Conservative candidate has had a year and a half to campaign and he’s still invisible. Lawrence has had 20 years in and I think he’s lost touch with the people.“I’m in this to win it,” McGuire said.

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Mr Banks, hows that $33'000 per month (which lasts 24 years, with an option to renew for another 24 years) treating you? Just curious, thats all. But yet there is no such thing as patronage, or, at least you will not say such a thing. Sincerly,