Thursday, July 3, 2008

See IRAC guys...they'll do whatever you want!!!

I wonder if that exclusive Club (retail gas dealers association) went back to providing the customers with some services like pumping the gas for their customers they could manage their own problems. They don't want to let the competition in and they don't want to provide any service and now they want us to pay up front. All they have to do is go to IRAC and they could probably get an order for us to deposit the money to their account first? I always buy my gas at one of Shell Stations in the City as they still pump my gas and they're friendly too. Yes you may pay a few pennies more but you are supporting employment here.
Force payment up front, say gas retailers
Thursday, July 3, 2008
CBC News
With incidents of gasoline theft increasing, some retailers on P.E.I. are calling for legislation to force consumers to pay for fuel before they start pumping.
Jeff Doucette, manager of Mel's Quickmart on St. Peter's Road, told CBC News on Wednesday he has a gas-and-dash incident about once every two weeks — significantly from last year. He believes provincial legislation requiring payment upfront is the only way to stop the problem.
"I think it will come to that," said Doucette.
"There seems to be no relief in the price of gas, so something is going to have to be done."
Every theft takes a big chunk out of Doucette's profits. Retailers make only about four cents a litre profit on gas, regardless of price. At current prices, that means having to sell 33 tanks full to make up for one run-off.
Dave Mader, executive director of the P.E.I. Retail Gasoline Dealers Association, also believes new measures are needed to stop gasoline theft.
"With the price of gas being what it is today, and what some say it's going to be in the months and years from now, we certainly can expect that we're going to see more and more drive-offs unless we can take some kind of measures to control it," said Mader.
At the same time, Mader believes it may not yet be time for government to step in. He would like to see retailers take other measures first, such as installing more video cameras and having attendants be more visible.
British Columbia recently became the first province to force people to pay before they pump, and New Brunswick is reviewing its legislation.

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