Sunday, July 13, 2008

Much Ado About Nothing.....

I just found a great video of Ronnie and Mike Currie going "toe to toe" inside the Legislature a must watch!!!
Opposition calls shale shipments a scandal
Friday, July 11, 2008
CBC News
P.E.I.'s Opposition says dozens of people are calling its office over news the provincial government accepted and paid for 300 loads of shale, even though most were overweight.
According to provincial policy, the loads should not only not have been paid for, but the companies should have been fined.
Transportation Minister Ron MacKinley told CBC News on Thursday his department needs more resources to enforce the rules, that there is no one at the weigh station to write a ticket and the readings on those scales would not hold up in court.
The auditor general is investigating MacKinley's department for accepting and paying for the shale. The person who sold the shale is a relative of MacKinley's.
Opposition transportation critic Mike Currie said Islanders want to know why no fines will be issued in this case.
He is calling on the premier to step in and take control of what the Opposition is calling "a scandal."
MacKinley said there's only one car available to Highway Safety to carry out enforcement.
Industry is calling for more enforcement, and MacKinley said he wants to put another car on the road.

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