Sunday, July 13, 2008

Golf Links...down 20%...."Golf Stinks"

I was down in Brudenell on Friday and one of staff pulled me aside and told me that our Provincial golf courses are down on average by 20% I hope they were pulling my leg but there doesn't seem to be many people around. I'm sure glad they booted me out of my tee time so they could give it to that long list of people lined up at 6:30 am. Those gals and guys at "Golf Stinks" still have their heads up their consultants ass and soon they'll have no one showing up to play...can you imagine a golf course with "no members please", well PEI has one and it's called Dundarave and there is no one playing it.... strike up another few million dollar loss for our PEI taxpayers!! Now they are making a similar mess of Crowbush and they don't want any members there either... it's too bad they wouldn't let Greg and Ryan do their jobs and stay out of their way.

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