Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kudos To Danny and Martie...

Danny and Martie Murphy sure put on a great show and I can tell you it takes a lot of hard work something that neither of them are afraid of. Their generosity to many organizations both locally and nationally is very impressive. They continue to offer up Gingerwood (their home) to many needy organizations and they along with their friends dig in to help raise money for these charities through dinners and live entertainment. Martie has taken her love of horses to a new level in Atlantic Canada and we all look forward to what I expect will become a bigger and better event each year and again Danny and Martie will plough the proceeds back into their children’s camp. If you can't make one of the many fund raising events that take place at Gingerwood here's your opportunity to take in some events and visit their beautiful estate. All the best Danny and Martie on your upcoming event...
Largest Atlantic outdoor equestrian events set for Gingerwood Farms

The Guardian
Canada’s largest outdoor equestrian events will be held at Gingerwood Farms in Stanhope later this month.World-class competitors from Canada and the United States will be taking part in the Stanhope Equestrian Challenge, which runs from July 28-30, followed by the third annual Gingerwood Charity Classic Aug. 1-3. Heather Lafontaine, one of the 2007 competitors from Maine, has registered for both shows this year. She has high praise for the Island events. She said she travels to the Gingerwood shows because of the quality of the services, the beautiful venue and the outstanding competition.“The Stanhope Equestrian challenge and the Gingerwood Charity Classic are equal or superior in every way to shows that we go to in Boston and other venues in New England. P.E.I. is the highlight of our competitive season.”Danica Ellis, the 2007 Grand Prix Champion and her horse Agent Scully, will return to Gingerwood as well to defend their title. “Outdoor equestrian events are a family activity — everyone can wear comfortable clothes, you are in the country and show jumping is an exciting spectator sport that young and old alike can enjoy,” says a news release issued by the organizers.Last year, the shows drew a crowd of over 10,000 over the six days. Admission is $5 per car and all proceeds support a worthwhile cause, the Oak Acres Children’s Camp. Those interested in watching the competition are invited to come to Gingerwood at Route 25 and Route 6 in Stanhope Beach. There will be a country canteen and transportation for anyone needing assistance to get around on the property. There will be pony rides from 2-4 p.m. daily sponsored by Millstream Trail Rides. There is a market place open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. featuring Island artisans, retailers and tack shops from across the region.Over 100 volunteers from Stanhope and surrounding area work for weeks in advance to prepare for the show and participate in all aspects of the events from parking to ring crew. The show organizers believe that a summer camp experience can give a child “a leg up” for life and are committed to ensuring that more than 450 Island kids attend Oak Acres each summer.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for making this afforadble for all families to come and watch. I have a horse lover daughter we enjoyed the show very much last year and plan to come again. I could not believe it was only $5.00 to get in.We had a special day. Thanks.