Thursday, July 17, 2008

Homestead, my's a rental

Where do these people come up with these crazy ideas? To think a trailer park site is a Homestead (a dwelling with its land and buildings, occupied by the owner as a home and exempted by a homestead law from seizure or sale for debt) seems to be stretching it a bit. Simply put the MacEachern's own their land and they lease it to someone on a monthly bases and if they, as the owners, decide they want to redevelop it and move everyone off of it then that is their choice. Where the story gets even sillier is Ms. MacArthur implying that a condominium is going to "bring too much traffic and garbage with it" and that "my property value is going to go down" all of which I'm sure the lady has not based on any real facts. In 99% of the cases like this a condo development usually brings up the property value especially when it is replacing a trailer park.
Trailer park residents fear forced removal
Thursday, July 17, 2008
CBC News
Approval for a condominium on the site of Idlewheels Trailer Court has some residents of the Charlottetown trailer park worried about where they will go when they receive eviction notices.
The trailer park on Mt. Edward Road has been a neighbourhood fixture for many years, mostly hidden from the street by mature trees. But the owner, L and A MacEachern, has other plans for the property. It wants to build a condominium. Some of the residents fear when that happens, they won't be able to sell their trailers and will have nowhere to go.
"There's nothing anybody can do about it," Irene Saunders, who has been living at Idlewheels for six years, told CBC News this week.
"You're going to lose your homestead. It's not very nice what they're doing to us. If I knew that, I would never have moved here in the first place."
Council rejected plans
City council rejected plans for apartments on the trailer-park land in February. At the time, Saunders thought her worries were over. But unbeknownst to the residents, L and A MacEachern appealed the city's decision to the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission, and won.
L and A MacEachern owner Ken MacEachern said he doesn't know when the apartments will go up.
Saunders said she doesn't know what she will do when she gets her six-month notice to leave, because she says all the mobile home parks she has looked into are full.
Resident Elwood Coakes also worries he will have nowhere to go, and doesn't know what he will do with his trailer.
"Just give it to somebody, or put it on somebody's land and sell it. It's better than bulldozers taking it away," said Coakes.
Some neighbours are also concerned about the plans.
Lynn McArthur and her husband own three houses across from the trailer park. She says the new development will bring too much traffic and garbage with it.
"My property value is going to go down," she said.
"It's going to be really hard to sell, because eventually these are all going to go apartment buildings down this street."
The city has not appealed IRAC's decision, but the public will get one more chance to comment when the developer applies for a building permit.


Anonymous said...

I like Your spunk Mr. Banks.
* I do have to admit a few years ago, I asked Family and Friends, just who the he!! is this Tim Banks? Never heard of You before and suddenly POP! Your on the LIBERAL Party scene in the media. (?)- None of them could recall You or your 'Island roots.) - But hey, They weren't interested or looking until the Liberal connection.

I have a sister who worked for another sudden Landeveloper - overnight turned millionaire after backroom boy's club connecter - 'Mugsy' Mulroney and 'Dishonet' John Buchanan were elected. What an informative, worth photo-copying eventure that was.
Mulroney, Buchanan and elected/unelected Nova Scotia 'Besy of friends' with the Saudi's unlimited supply of Monies-US dollar loans.
Wonder, just how Nova Scotia ended up that $10b in debt with that CON_servative Bucahanan government?

Anonymous said...

Just reviewed a number of y'r interesting personal photos. Very nice, Mr. Banks. The connection to NS is interesting. WHO are Your Investor's and Who, in particular out of Nova Scotia are you affiliated to? That's all Islanders and real soon a good number of Nova Scotians are/wii-be interested in.
As You ARE Very Aware, everyday Prince Edward Islander's don't feel your compassion for AND as You WELL know will never be able to afford-Porches. Unless they're laundering dirty money, Not able to own any Orange County Choppers bikes.
Can't afford expensive Italian cuisine, expensive Italian wines.

How old are you? Who are your government associated business associates in Nova Scotia (& on PEI?) When did You set up shop working it out of Prince Edward Island?
A very interesting Land-Developer/Realtor associate indeed.