Sunday, July 27, 2008

Legion Outstrips Credit Union Place

These two stories are kind of funny and also a bit sad and I can't figure which is funnier or which is sadder. 200 women going to the Summerside Legion to see some loverboys strip or less than 200 people buying tickets to see Loveboy in concert at a 5,000 seat arena billed as a saviour for Summerside. Desperate times for both venues I guess.
Strippers anger P.E.I. Legion member
Friday, July 25, 2008
CBC News
A troupe of male dancers from Las Vegas recently took their clothes off at the Legion in Summerside, P.E.I., and that has one member asking for an apology to the local veterans.
The Men from Las Vegas appeared at the Summerside Legion last Friday night, attracting about 200. They stripped down to their underwear, licked women in the audience, and encouraged them to come up on stage and pay for lap dances.
That has 28-year-old (xxxxxxxxxxxxx) outraged and disgusted. He told CBC News on Thursday that the event was in a venue that is supposed to be respectful to war veterans.
MacAusland is asking for an apology from the Legion to local veterans, or he'll tear up his membership.
"My great-great uncle was a casualty in the Second World War. His name is on the memorial at the entrance of the building," he says.
"It's a place where you can't even wear your hat in respect, and there's people taking off their clothes."
Strippers will likely appear again
(xxxxxxxxxxx) didn't attend the event, but some of his friends did. One said she was so disgusted, she left after 40 minutes.
Legion manager Robert Palmer calls the event a success, and says none of the members he spoke to had a problem with it.
"We have to survive the same as any other venue in Summerside, and to do that, we have to generate revenue. It was put on with the best of intentions, and it certainly wasn't to insult anybody."
The Legion will likely rebook the event down the road, said Palmer.
Poor ticket sales skewer P.E.I. Loverboy concert
Friday, July 25, 2008
CBC News
The City of Summerside, P.E.I. has cancelled a Loverboy concert scheduled for August after selling only about 200 tickets.
The band was scheduled to play Credit Union Place, which holds 5,000, on Aug. 6.
The cancellation means the city loses the deposit the city paid to the band. Bill Schurman, director of community services for Summerside, refused to disclose how much the deposit was.
"We don't disclose what we pay our bands. That's something that's quite confidential," Schurman told CBC News Friday.
The decision to cancel the concert was mutual, said Schurman. Ticketholders who paid by credit card should receive credit within 10 days. Those who paid cash should bring tickets to the box office for refund.
Loverboy formed in Calgary in 1980, and scored some major hits in the following decade, including Turn Me Loose and The Kid is Hot Tonite. The band's most recent album, Just Getting Started, was released in 2007.

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Anonymous said...

Well if the interest wasn't there you wouldn't of have had 200 people there, and for the lady that left after 40 minutes, what part of the StripTease did she not understand. My father lost his leg in WWII, and he was a great fun guy and he would have had a great laugh about this, if the role was reversed and it was female strippers there he would have been the first one there. Obviously anybody who really spoke to these war vets would know that they enjoyed alot of fun, fun times in Europe, along with alot of hard, hard times, My father only wanted to talk about the fun times never ever the bad times. And I feel quite confident to speak for him , that he would have a much harder time with the people who feel they should not have to remove any headwear when entering a legion, than for a bunch of women to have a night out with a bunch of so called strippers, who in reality don't even strip, not naked anyway, that's my 2 cents worth, and that is from a daughter of a vet not a grand nephew.