Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's hard to believe....

OMG... maybe we could put Province House on a set of wheels and move it down to Victoria Park and save it from this tragedy!!!

Surely Mr. MacNutt, Q.C. can't be serious here and I'm hoping Kathleen is just humouring us with her comments... hopefully some pictures with the Hotel in the background will get out there and confirm to rest of the people in Canada that we're making progress here on PEI... of course us mere lower class citizens couldn't appreciate the wisdom of Mr. MacNutt's license to own the franchisee on what's appropriate for the design in our City so maybe we should just accept his great wisdom...

Hotel dominates P.E.I.'s Province House: author
Charlottetown city officials made a mistake by allowing the new Homburg hotel to overshadow the historic view of Province House, says the author of a new book on legislatures in the Maritimes.

James Macnutt, author of Building for Democracy, wants the city to take steps to protect the remaining backdrop. The view coming up Great George Street from the waterfront to Province House has changed little since the Fathers of Confederation made the walk in 1864. The only backdrop was the sky.

But over the summer the new 10-storey Homburg hotel began to dominate the skyline behind Province House. It will be P.E.I.'s tallest building, and the only one visible behind the provincial legislature building.

"I'm deeply disappointed. I think the citizens of Charlottetown should be deeply disappointed that that building was allowed to go there," said Macnutt.

"It is inappropriate in the location: its scale, its mass, its overall appearance."

Mayor Clifford Lee is surprised people are raising this issue now. Lee said there were public meetings, and he believes the city has struck a balance between protecting heritage and moving forward. "Do I think Province House should be a special case, compared to what?" he asked.

"Province House is an important building in downtown Charlottetown but there are many other important buildings in downtown Charlottetown."

House Speaker Kathleen Casey has control over Province House but not outside the grounds. She hopes something will be done to prevent more high buildings from overshadowing the landmark.

"As one of the most prominent buildings in Prince Edward Island, some consideration should be taken in the future," said Casey.

For now, people looking for a picture of Province House with only sky in the background can still get it, but they will have to shoot from the southwest corner.

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Anonymous said...

It was a bizarre news story. Take a look at this photo. If the photographer steps 20 feet to his left the hotel is not in the shot anymore, and the only backdrop to Province House is STILL only blue sky (heaven forbid otherwise).