Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This should do it..

Edna Reid, Gael MacEeachern and Elizabeth Rankin (wife of Captain Allan Rankin from the "Don't Get Ahead Gang") pretty much sums it up... and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure the rest out!!!!!

School trustees disruptive: superintendent

The behaviour of some of the trustees at P.E.I.'s Eastern School District is disruptive and disrespectful, says the board's acting superintendent.

Ricky Hood says he must protect his staff from the behaviour he saw at the school board meeting. (CBC)

Ricky Hood made the comments in a letter obtained by CBC News written to the Minister of Education and the board of trustees, and announced senior staff were being barred from attending school board meetings.

"I must and will protect my staff from being involved or being witness to events such as this," said Hood.

"Until I have assurance that the disruptive and disrespectful behavior is under control, I will not have them participate in or attend future public board meetings, committee of the whole meetings or committee meetings. We will have to find and implement a new way of conducting business."

Hood wrote the letter after a school board meeting last week. Home and School Federation president Owen Parkhouse described that meeting as a three and a half hour clash between the board chair and trustees.

"The actions of a few trustees who, in my mind continually showed disrespect to the board chairperson, showed disrespect to our board lawyer, and showed a lack of respect for parliamentary procedures, have caused me to be dismayed by their actions," Hood wrote.

Hood's letter appears to take a different side from Parkhouse, who described bullying tactics against a group of female trustees to prevent them from getting motions on the floor. Earlier this week the federation wrote to Education Minister Doug Currie to say it had lost confidence in the board.

Hood denied he was taking sides and said the letter speaks for itself.

Currie is promising legislation to allow him to intervene to fix problems at the school board. Chair Bob Clow has suspended meetings until the minister decides how to deal with the issue.

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