Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"It Soon Won't Cost Us Anything".... says Bernard

If we all subscribed to Councillor Bernard's notion that "The more you buy, the cheaper the price gets," then why wouldn't the City just buy more "so it wouldn't cost us anything"... well I agree that my statement is pretty silly but what I believe is even sillier is the notion that the City needs to buy any new snow removal equipment in the first place.

Simply put there isn't a snowball's chance in hell that it would ever make any financial or economic sense for the City to be doing their own snow removal in the first place... there are hundreds of small private contractors with equipment running idle in the winter who could easily be contracted to do the work much cheaper than the City trying to run their own snow removal operation.... Sobey's, Loblaw's, Canadian Tire, Sears, Rio-Can (Ch'town Mall), Plazacorp, etc... all large property owners, who can well afford to buy their own snow removal equipment, use private operators because it's cheaper and I can pretty much guarantee you that their lots are cleaned far ahead of our City Streets...

It's time the City started to manage their affairs as opposed to building some snow removal enterprise at the expense of our taxpayers.... the only "piggybacking" done here was Councillor Bernard getting his picture in the paper!!!

Charlottetown saves on snow clearing gear

The City of Charlottetown has saved a pile of money on clearing piles of snow by doing some bulk shopping with the provincial government.

A new payloader, snow blower and snowplow for the city were included in the deal, part of a tender that included heavy equipment for the province.

Coun. Terry Bernard, chair of the city's public works committee, told CBC News Monday he talked to Transportation Minister Ron MacKinley about joint projects that could save both levels of government money, and MacKinley suggested a joint tender.

It saved the city $65,000.

"The more you buy, the cheaper the price gets," said Bernard.

"We piggybacked off the province because the province was putting in orders also. Ron and I are discussing something else now that could save us thousands."

Bernard said the new equipment is ready for the next snowfall.

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One word: Unions.