Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Speaking of Crazies... and "Leo" comes to mind...

If you were wondering who the "crazy" was behind this disrespectful "white poppy" campaign and you guessed "Leo Broderick" then you would be 100% correct... I'm surprised one of our veteran's hasn't given him a "poppy" in the face...

I see this as a cheap publicity stunt on the backs of legitimate veterans and their very fragile institutions the Legions. The very few veterans, still alive, who have paid a huge price with great personal sacrifice should not be taken advantage of in such a cheap manner.

I have always visited a cenotaph on Remember Day, proudly wearing a Red Poppy, not because I am promoting war, but “to remember” the huge price veterans like my Dad have paid to defend our Country.

Leo is “The Grinch” that wants to steal our Veterans legitimate Honour and Pride on Remembrance Day. If he should be promoting anything in these “times of conflict” it should be to have our Remembrance Day declared a Canadian statutory holiday so everyone has an opportunity to remember and reflect on where we go in the future....

Legion threatens to sue P.E.I. distributor of white poppies

The Royal Canadian Legion is considering legal action following a controversial white poppy campaign in Prince Edward Island.

Jim Ross, provincial president for the Legion’s P.E.I. command, says the distribution of white poppies by the Island Peace Committee is not only disrespectful, but likely a breach of trademark.

“The use of the poppy for anything other than remembrance is not acceptable,” Ross said Tuesday of the white poppies, which are intended to represent non-violent conflict resolution.

“We don’t condone this. A poppy is a registered trademark of the Legion and it’s owned by Dominion Command.”

Legion spokesman Bob Butt said Tuesday that action has been taken to shut down the white poppies.

“We have sent the distributors of the white poppy an email saying cease and desist . . . and if they don’t, then we will consider further legal action because it is an infringement on our trademark,” Butt said. “The poppy itself is trademarked by the Legion - in all colours.”

Leo Broderick of the Island Peace Committee said he was “not familiar” with any trademark issues, adding that the program - which he sees as a compliment to the Legion’s annual efforts - is in its third year in P.E.I.

“We don’t mass produce them, we don’t have a trademark on the white poppy,” Broderick said. “We just produce them on white paper and distribute them and people like to wear them.”

Broderick said the white poppies are not a funding campaign.

“It began because local people wanted to have the option to wear a white poppy. It’s not a challenge to the red poppy.”

“Personally, it’s a slap in the face,” said John Yeo, president of the Charlottetown Legion

Yeo said he has no idea why the Island Peace Committee would use the poppy emblem.

“You ask any veteran if they rather be at war or at peace. 100 per cent would say peace.”

Broderick said white poppies are “a long tradition” that dates back to 1926 when women affected by war started to campaign to represent non-violent solutions.

The committee’s campaign will distribute white poppies throughout P.E.I in support of peace and non-violent resolutions. Donations received from the white poppies will be going towards the Island Peace Committee’s education purposes.

He said the high rate of civilian casualties are a big motivation behind the white poppies.

“I don’t think (it’s disrespectful),” Broderick said. “Most of the people I talk to believe the red poppy symbolizes the respect we need to pay for those (soldiers) who died (in war), but the white poppy goes beyond and asks that all people who have died as a result of war be remembered.”

Ross does not think the white poppies will have a negative impact on the Legion’s annual drive, noting he has yet to see a white poppy on anybody’s jacket.

Ross said the usage of the poppy was only used to create controversy.

“It’s the degradation of the remembrance symbol of our country and I just don’t have time for that.”

He said he didn’t have a problem with people wearing the white poppy even though he would consider it silly.

Broderick said it wasn’t a big issue to the Island Peace Committee.

“I’m not aware of the legal issues here. There is no copyright to what we produce.”

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