Tuesday, December 8, 2009

If Nothing Else.. It'll Be Entertaining....

Don't expect a stampede here for membership but surely there must be "400 crazies" living on PEI that could see their way to help poor Larry get "The Island Party" off the ground... maybe he should throw in a bag of "nuts" as a signing bonus or better still promise them all Government jobs... he garnered 18% of the vote in his district in 2007 and 5% of the vote in Cardigan in 2007 and my guess is his party will get 1% of the Island vote in 2011... but Larry's antics should represent 20% of the "entertainment"... here's a couple of older blog items http://www.timbanks.ca/2008/10/larry-loserand-then-some.html and http://www.timbanks.ca/2008/09/larry-larry-quite-contrary.html
Rebel Liberal looks to form new party
Tuesday, December 8, 2009
CBC News
Names are being collected on Prince Edward Island for The Island Party, which looks to contend for seats in the 2011 provincial election.
One of the founding members is a former Liberal, Larry McGuire, who had his Liberal nomination revoked for the 2007 election by Premier Robert Ghiz after he made controversial comments supporting patronage.
McGuire told CBC News on Tuesday that Islanders need a new direction and are looking for common sense leadership, something he maintains they haven't had in more than a decade.
"Islanders definitely are looking for a new party," said McGuire.
"Our hallmark statement is honesty, integrity and fairness. I think that once Islanders are aware that we are offering a very distinct way to look at politics, we're going to do fine. We'll elect MLAs in two years time."
To form an official party, 400 names need to be collected, and a $1,000 deposit must be made. McGuire said he already has the money and more than 300 signatures.
He expects the party will be officially registered by the end of the year. A policy meeting and leadership convention will follow in the new year.
P.E.I. has not traditionally been welcoming to parties outside the mainstream. In recent history only the NDP have beat out the Progressives Conservatives and Liberals for a seat, and only once: in 1996.

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