Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cabinet Shake-Up... no later than Jan 15th...

Although there was a lot of speculation that Premier Ghiz would shuffle his Cabinet prior to the opening of this session of the House (some of which came from me) it didn't materialize but I'm predicting that we're in for more than a minor change and that these changes will happen before the third week of January... although it purely speculation on my part I'll even go a step further and suggest that there could be changes in four Departments but again I've been wrong before... and if he doesn't make changes - he should....
Fall session comes to an abrupt end
The Guardian
The fall session of the P.E.I. legislature has come to an abrupt end.
It was expected the session would end Wednesday or Thursday, but the governing Liberals and Opposition Conservatives agreed to work together to push through what needed to be done Tuesday night.
The legislature will stay closed until spring.
Premier Robert Ghiz says his government had completed the work it needed to do. He said the Opposition Conservatives agreed to give up their time Tuesday night so the House could close.


Anonymous said...

Ghiz had better make some changes and get some "experience"(if he can find it) into Cabinet.

Anonymous said...

You're right on the money with this prediction. Happy Holidays.