Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Love This Stuff... "entrepreneurship in spades"

Unfortunately last week I was out of Town and couldn't make the Christmas reception at ScreenScape's new office in our building on Queen Street... but from all accounts it was a great event and I'm pleased the Premier made it to the opening to see what Mark Hemphill and his talented team (that have now grown to 21 people) are doing around the world with ScreenScape... Mark's a young gun who grew up on PEI, attended university here and then headed off for a Masters degree and some success in the computer business in Toronto before coming back to PEI with his guitar, dog and new bride Courtney... he took a teaching position at UPEI and was a student favourite there but he couldn't leave the lure of business alone.... so with a couple of new twin boys at home and the support of his good wife he left his secure job to once again venture out with his ideas into the new wild west frontier of the internet... now some people may not appreciate what he's done here but he's put his security and money on the line in an industry that's a big race to the next level with big losers and big winners... and I'm pretty sure growing up that he could have taken the easy way out and moved into his Dad's GM dealership when he finished his business degree.... but when you meet Mark you'll soon learn this quiet laidback individual has big dreams and that's something they don't teach you at school... here's a recent news clip that was aired on CTV and for those of you who haven't heard of ScreenScape yet you should have a look around their site as they're on to something big and they’ve got that spirit of success... I just love this kind of stuff and I hope our Government appreciates what these young guns are doing here globally.... "entrepreneurship in spades"


Jay Hill said...

It is worthy of note, that a number of the staff are Islanders who were recently wooed back home, from high paying successful tech positions (in Canada & the US), now able to utilize their skills & make their living on PEI.

We are all very proud of Mark, he has had a clear & unwavering vision from the start. The reach is literally global now, with clients around the world.

The one who took the easy way out :)
Jeff Hemphill
Hemphill Pontiac Buick Chevrolet GMC Ltd.
Summerside, PE

Kerry-Anne MacDougall said...

Very inspiring, thank you for posting!