Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brown Envelope Opposition....

Typical Jim Bagnall “grandstanding” with no facts at the expense of a PEI Business... the sad part is that it was his business (the beef plant) to begin with... and without any due diligence he blatantly accused the plant of destroying 125 beef carcasses... he probably got that information from one of those brown envelopes that Olive is getting her PNP information from... now that may sound a little crude but surely Mr. Bagnall should have the good sense and decency to at least check his facts before he starts throwing innuendo around about a Company, particularly this one, as they try to establish some creditability in the marketplace... Mr. Bagnall owes the Company and its employees an immediate public apology....
Beef tossed from plant 'completely unfounded', company president says
The Guardian
There is absolutely no truth into Opposition Conservative allegations of a mechanical shutdown at the Albany beef plant and the destruction of carcasses, says Jim Casey, chairman of the board of Atlantic Beef Products Inc. During question period earlier this week, Montague-Kilmuir Conservative MLA Jim Bagnall said a refrigeration shutdown at Atlantic Beef Products forced the beef plant to throw away up to 125 carcasses. But Casey said allegations the plant destroyed 125 beef carcasses because of a refrigeration malfunction are completely unfounded. “The plant has never had any reason to dispose of carcasses,” said Casey. “We take great pride in our quality control and operating standards.” In an interview, Casey said he can’t explain where Bagnall got his information. “It’s not true. There is no basis, no foundation for that statement whatsoever. There has never been any loss of beef.” Contacted Friday, Bagnall said he heard there was a refrigeration breakdown. But he admits he didn’t confirm the allegations before bringing the issue to the floor of the legislature and in front of the media and a live television audience. “I don’t know if they are doing damage control or not,” said Bagnall. “All I know is I was told quite a while ago that this took place. I was told it was 125 carcasses.”

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