Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Surely there must be more choice...

The Island New Democrats have a serious problem since Dr. Dickieson stepped down... last election they had to hire a leader in Dean Constable and shortly after that election he stepped down more than likely because the funding had dried up... it appears this time around they don't even have a race for the leadership and Mr. Rodd has already ran a few times with not much of a showing.... couple the NDP leadership problems with the Tories having to sort out what they are going to "do" with Olive and my guess is that Premier Ghiz is going to have a pretty easy ride during the next election....
Rodd throws hat in N.D.P. leadership race
Wednesday, March 25, 2009
CBC News
James Rodd, interim leader of the Island New Democrats, announced Wednesday that he will run for the position full time.
Rodd has been the interim leader in P.E.I. for 16 months. He originally had said he would not be seeking the leadership full time, but said he has had a change of heart. So far, Rodd is the only person to declare for the leadership.
"There is a time commitment. There is a responsibility that has to be put on the forefront," said Rodd.
"I felt at one point that I couldn't do it myself. But when you have people who come out of the woodwork, and seem to exude a certain trust and confidence in you, that has given me new life. And I believe that based on the last 16 months that I can continue to do what I have been doing, and also present to Islanders a difference, that we can make a difference.
The Island New Democrats are holding their leadership convention on April 4.
The party has only ever held one seat in P.E.I.'s legislature. Dr. Herb Dickieson, party leader at the time, represented Westpoint-Bloomfield from 1996 to 2000.


Anonymous said...

The day that people start voting for the best candidate, rather than a specific political party then things will change for the better. Can't we all get along and do what's best for the constituents?

Anonymous said...

Don't be so sure Timmy there are a lot of people that are not that happy with your Robert!!!