Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Concour... why not proceed...

I see a fellow blogger is using the old fashion way of getting his message out with a letter to the Editor in today's Guardian about the new proposed pedway in Downtown. My connection to John is that occasionally he'll shot me off a note pointing out a correction or some technical advice on my blog which is much appreciated. Every now and then I'll check out John's blog myself and it's quite obvious that he's much more technically sophisticated than I am and he should be as he's been building web sites for the last ten years for lots of small and large companies... and if you're thinking of rebuilding your site or developing a new one then you should check him out. Anyway back to John's letter... he's in favour of the new proposed underground pedway to the Confederation Centre and I'm 100% on board with him... what's wrong with giving people choices... build it and those who don't want to use it don't have to and for those who do then they have an option... and what would be wrong with the construction jobs that would be created in building this pedway... surely one wouldn't consider it obtrusive as it's being built underground… and think about the people with disabilities that will have a lot more options during the winter months... so why not build it... but there always seems to be some crowd around trying to stop things and I'm thinking most of these people fall into the horse and buggy crowd and now I know why John wrote the letter to the editor... this crowd is probably against the internet...
Pedway plan should go ahead
Editor: Currently the sun is shining and it's a beautiful day outside. In fact, I think I am going to take a shot at going to the beach . . . er wait. Maybe not. It's freezing raining, it's miserable and to go anywhere in this city we must walk through the freezing rain. Not exactly a motivating reason to go anywhere. A connector in the downtown core would make more sense then anything, especially on rainy, miserable days. A perfect example is the connectors in Halifax. You can walk to a lot of places without going outside. In Charlottetown, we are stuck with walking outside no matter what. The proposed plan to allow people to walk through a pedway from the mall to the Confederation Centre of the Arts is a great idea and I don't understand why anyone would have any opposition to this. At a recent Downtown Residents Association meeting, a member spoke out asking why they weren't notified of this development. The city is only supposed to notify people within 'x' amount of feet or metres, and according to Coun. Kim Devine, they did. I see no reason why this should not be approved, other than people not wanting change within our city.
John Morris,

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