Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bang On Again... a great report card..

Let's remember back during the last election when Corporate Research Associates came out and predicted a large Liberal Majority Government and some folks thought they were crazy... well I'm sure the same old gang of naysayers will be out there questioning the results again... poor old Olive and her crowd have absolutely "no traction" chasing down issues like the NOFG (hog plant), PNP's and the small school closings.... in fact I'm prepared to bet that every time Olive hangs out in the hallways with the PNP protest crowd her numbers are going to go down, every time Mike shows up with the small school protesters his numbers go down and every time Jimmy speaks his numbers go down... and if you don't believe me then you better get a poll as I'm pretty sure the 5th floor has one and my guess is their numbers are even bigger than CRA... Robert Ghiz is out there making decisions some of which we may not all like but at least he's got the courage to make them... he's dealing with doctor issues, hospital issues, school issues, farming issues, fishing issues, etc... and on top of that he's got the economy to deal with and he's being assaulted from all sides. NOT A VERY NICE JOB TO HAVE but he gets up everyday wading through all these issues and all the while being very proud of his job of representing Islanders and I think in the long term Islanders are going to appreciate it. He's young and he's got a young team and yes they are going to screw up a few times... but if you look at the numbers and you think about all the "no win situations" his Government are confronted with every day it's obvious he's not screwing up as bad as some folks think... I liked how he handled the French School “culture centre” issue and how he came out and met the PNP protesters “head-on” but most of all I respect how he took the high road when he was insulted by Mike Duffy… keep it up Mr. Premier.
P.E.I. Liberals weather economic storm, support jumps nine per cent
The Guardian
Support for the Liberal Party jumped nine percentage points suggesting the governing Liberals appear to be weathering the economic recession, rural school closures, and warnings of a tough provincial budget well. Corporate Research Associates says support for the Liberal Party is now at 64 per cent, up from 55 per cent in November. The Progressive Conservative Party’s support dropped three per cent, falling from 31 per cent in November to 28 per cent in the latest poll. Support for both the Island New Democrats and Green Party were well back in the single digits. Satisfaction levels in Premier Robert Ghiz’s government remains virtually unchanged with 63 per cent saying they’re satisfied with the overall performance of the provincial Liberal government. The poll of 300 Islanders was conducted Feb. 12 to 18. It is considered accurate within plus or minus 5.6 per cent 95 times out of 100.


Anonymous said...

How can they consider a sample size of 300 out of 135,000+ an accurate indicator? I think the next election will be the best indicator.

Anonymous said...

Seriously Mr. Banks, I'm a Liberal, but we have to be seriously worried about Ghiz's numbers. He is down 12% over the last year ... and he is in the honey moon stage.

Sure we re-bounded when we made good news announcements this winter, but when AG report hits this spring on PNP we are going to hurt again.

And I am worried about Ms. Crane. She is gaining momentum amoung the Tory ranks... so they tell me.

I hope Ghiz goes federal and we elect a new leader from our pretty strong ranks.

Anonymous said...

Seriously though, let's look at the last years result. We got back what we lost last fall, but if they go at PNP again, we are in trouble.

I hope they replace Crane ... they say she isn't good in media, but she could run a government in a heart beat. Not to mention she has the agriculture vote sown up.

Anonymous said...

should we be worried about the liberal party tracking our identities on this site?

Anonymous said...

Somebody get Tim a towel its starting to get messy in here. At least put your coffee down before you start jumping about and waving your hands in the air.
Its easy to be first choice when there is no second.

Anonymous said...

Its funny that everytime there is good liberal news its always Whayne Tibedo reporting. I think they take the poll outside Roberts office thats how they get the numbers.