Friday, March 6, 2009

Come Clean Folks... and let him talk..

Why wouldn't the Minister or for that matter the Company that was asked to "take over" the Concert by the Government allow this gentlemen to talk and tell his side of the story... we all deserve a right to know what happened to the $400,000.00 of taxpayers' money and it appears Mr. Christian is quite prepared to do so... why doesn't the Public Accounts Committee invite him forward... as it stands it sort of leaves a cloud over Government and just maybe a full explanation would help explain things...
Alanis concert promoter ready to talk, but can't
Friday, March 6, 2009
CBC News
The promoter behind the failed Alanis Morissette concert says he would like to tell his side of the story, but a non-disclosure agreement prevents him.
Tourism Minister Valerie Docherty told a standing committee this week that taxpayers gave David Christian $500,000 to put on the show, but he walked away from the event a week before Morissette was scheduled to take the stage. Docherty said Christian's management team of Myrtle Jenkins-Smith and Mark Carr-Rollitt took over the company.
The concert was a bust, with only 3,100 tickets sold last September, and taxpayers picked up the bill.
Christian told CBC News Thursday he wants to tell his side of the story, but he can't even say with whom he signed the non-disclosure agreement.
"If I violate my agreement, I'm probably going to be sued. I'm a family man. I can't really afford to take that chance," he said.
"I certainly don't feel I have anything to hide. I'm not able to address it. I'll just have to roll with it."
While Christian could not say with whom he signed the agreement, Docherty told CBC News Friday it is with Conference and Events Management, the company now owned by Carr-Rollitt and Jenkins-Smith.
Christian said he's willing to talk publicly about the event if the other parties agree. He added he's also willing to go before the standing committee if he receives an official invitation.

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