Thursday, March 5, 2009

Catherine and Rent A Crowd...

Just call a public planning meeting in the Downtown and somewhere you'll find Catherine and her band of merry "nimby’s" who I more commonly refer to as part of "the don't get ahead gang"... now I really believe they know more than most of us and certainly more than anyone who wants to do something... they surely must as the same gang seem to show up at every meeting... and they always seem to know more than anyone else on how we should or shouldn't develop our City... you can always count on them to have an answer for what's the very best for our City... God love them for always looking after us... and here they go again saving us all from "hiding out" in all the tunnels... surely Catherine you can come up with something more creative than this... I have always respected Catherine for her dedication and commitment to our "heritage"... she is a great person and has a big heart for our City... on another note I was speaking to an older gentlemen this morning and he commented that they used to "shoe" horses in St. Peters but nowadays there is no reason to keep a "forge" operating and I'm afraid things change and maybe we all just have to get accustom to change…
Grafton underground tunnel closer to reality
Thursday, March 5, 2009
CBC News
Charlottetown is one step closer to having an underground pedway running under Grafton Street.
A public meeting on the project was held Wednesday night, phase one in the approval process for the Grafton Street Pedestrian Concourse.
The $2-million tunnel would be built under Grafton Street, linking the Confederation Court Mall and Confederation Centre. Developer Homburg Investments also plans to use elevators and escalators to make the underground link fully accessible.
Cliff Campbell of Homburg said the tunnel would help sell Charlottetown as a conference destination.
Heritage activist Catherine Hennessey was one of the residents offering comments on the project. She said sending people underground would take away from the character of the city.
"I really do believe it's time we looked at our city in a different way and enriched the ambiance of downtown and stopped hiding in tunnels," said Hennessey.
Next, the planning board will make a decision on the project. If the recommendation is to proceed, it will go to city council for final approval.
Construction could be completed by early next year.


Anonymous said...

Check some of the backwards comments.... Only on PEI do you get uneducated people jumping to conclusion. Half the posters believe it is government money.

More power to companies like Homburg making vital investments into our downtown core. Shame on Catherine Hennessey and her cronies. Maybe it would be a good idea to ban cars and make horse and buggies mandatory too?

Anonymous said...

An underground tunnel?? Educated or not, people that are against this are right. What a waste of anybody's money! Criticizing opponents of this type of thing by calling them uneducated makes the critic sound like an a$$hole!!

Andrew said...

There will be a public investment in this tunnel. I have no problem walking outside but I am not hosting trade conventions or staying in their new hotel. I take Homeberg's word on this project.