Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Water View... but not a clue..

I saw our Mayor on TV the other night talking about being into the second half of his "mandate" which confused me a bit as I didn't really think the City had such a thing... or it’s a secret to a lot of us... Over the weekend I was talking to a few Chamber members and they were a bit wound up. They heard Council was thinking of convening a new meeting to discuss reviewing the already approved plan for part of the Waterfront where the Newfoundland developer was trying to build a condo building. Apparently Council think they should de-zone the area because a few neighbourhood crazies think we should save the "water view".... maybe they should take a spin along Riverside Drive or out along Victoria Park as it wouldn't take a rock scientist to figure out that we already have a great deal of "water view" preserved in our plan. We also have a great boardwalk along the waterfront and all the new development plans that I've seen have always respected and proposed expanding that. In my opinion there are far more important thing to do to help our City prosper than spend any more time listening to "the don't get ahead gang" on Water Street. Today it took me and thousands of others over half an hour to get from Eustane Street to the Charlottetown Mall and some of the solutions to fix this could be done very easily particularly in the area of the University. In the Downtown core there has been some new investment and there seems to be great strides in trying to move forward. But if the Downtown is to continue to expand then Council should figure out a way to light a fire under the empty Tweel Property portfolio and get them to do something with their empty buildings through a tax penalty or something... as they appear to be making no attempt to rent or improve these run down properties... I'm not sure if this is true but I even hear the Tweel’s are holding up the new hotel development…. there are a ton of great ideas to improve our City and build a stronger tax base if the City ever bothered to ask any business stakeholders but they just seem to want to respond to the squeaky wheels...

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