Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Now here's a little dirt.....

Gee I would have thought that the CEO of Waste Watch would have been just a little interested in how the waste watch plant was initially set up and that he would have read Justice Campbell's public report. It's not as if the report is hearsay or gossip, it happens to be facts about how the current operator deals with problems and in this case they might have buried them... Islanders are very proud of their record on how we are dealing with our waste and I'm sure the CEO of Waste Watch is getting paid "big bucks" (compared to the adverage Islander) to oversee that our "system is environmentally safe"... He should take a few minutes out of his busy day and read the judgement as it might ring some alarm bells as to how his operator runs the compost plant.... the neighbours have been making complaints for years and it appears they had a good reason too…
Court decision dishes the dirt on composting in P.E.I.
Wednesday, December 10, 2008
CBC News
A recent Supreme Court of P.E.I. decision raises some serious questions about compost produced on the Island.
'Greed, impatience and arrogance led ADI to terminate WCI.'— Justice Gordon Campbell
A court case between ADI International Inc., builders of the compost plant in Brookfield, and WCI Waste Conversion Inc., designers of the plant, ended Nov. 27 in a $4.3 million decision against ADI.
At the centre of the dispute was the quality of the compost and whose fault it was that it was taking so long to produce it. Justice Gordon Campbell lay the blame squarely on ADI. That was bad news for ADI in the lawsuit, but the judge also had harsh words regarding continuing problems at the plant years after it was built.
ADI had won the contract from Island Waste Management Corporation to build and operate the plant and subcontracted the design and operation of it to WCI. WCI's contract was terminated by ADI in December 2002 for alleged poor performance.
But Campbell noted that an expert hired by ADI testified that last year, piles of compost produced by the plant contained whole potatoes and visible paper and wood waste.
Campbell lay the blame for this squarely on ADI.
"ADI painted a picture of WCI's incompetence to design and operate the facility. WCI was not the incompetent party," he wrote in his decision. "Greed, impatience and arrogance led ADI to terminate WCI."
Campbell said six years after the start of the province's composting program, the system is still a failure, and P.E.I.'s compost is "not acceptable for any use."
Island Waste Management Corporation has just renewed ADI's contract for three more years. CEO Gerry Moore told CBC this week that he hadn't read the decision, but he maintains the plant does produce quality compost.
ADI has already filed an appeal of the decision.

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