Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stephen.. How about me? your Token Liberal....

Gee... the phone lines will be busy in the Valley as Keith and Joe try and get to Stephen with a case for why Keith shouldn't make it to the Upper Chamber... "he took the bullet in Egmont" .... "he voted for Gail"... "he didn't really work that hard"... and I'm sure they'll come up with a few others... but Hey Stephen... I'm your token "red" man (I'll even wear a skirt)... I'm almost Blue Blood.... I'm your Denny Crane.... I'm your "foo fighter".... Stephen…I'm your Huckleberry... Just send the cheque and I'll not even show up... You've got my number… Look Stephen I gotta go now... Jefferies is on the tube tonight talking about Ghiz's new cabinet and if he doesn't mention my golfing buddy’s name then I'll have to carry him out of the Delta as he'll be pretty down in the lip.... Stevie I’m on my cell at 1 800 $$$ $$$$ ..... and "Senator Banks" looks good on the credit card...
Harper moves to fill Senate: news reports

By The Canadian Press
OTTAWA — News reports say Prime Minister Stephen Harper plans to fill every one of the 18 empty Senate seats by the end of the year. The reports say Harper plans a wave of appointments in the coming weeks to tilt the balance more in favour of the Conservatives in the Liberal-dominated upper chamber. The move could also be a change of direction for Harper who has campaigned to either reform the Senate or to abolish the body altogether. The move is sure to spark protests from opposition parties arguing that Harper, who prorogued the House rather than be defeated by a united opposition, has no right to make such patronage appointments during this time. However, Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean placed no restrictions on Harper’s ability to govern when she granted his request last week to prorogue Parliament. That leaves him free to stack the Senate with his own nominees. The prime minister names senators and they serve until age 75. The Liberals have the majority (58) compared with the Conservatives (20). Other seats are held by Independents and senators of other party affiliations.

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