Monday, December 29, 2008

From Jim Brown's blog.... its kinda funny..

Why not a senate seat for Stephen Harper?
The Splintered Soapbox
The Journal Pioneer
You really have to feel for Stephen Harper. He's doing his best to free the great Dominion of Canada from the oppressive shackles of socialism and all he gets for his efforts is a raspberry from the Opposition benches and from the great unwashed in their teeming millions. Resistance every step of the way to a common sense platform that would transform this country into a northern tiger, with fangs and claws and a snarl that would be heard round' the world. But fate has conspired against him. It's obvious now that Stephen Harper doesn't really belong in the House of Commons. Harper's progressive approach just doesn't connect with the majority of Canadians, even if his Conservatives command the most support of the four sitting parties. It's time to recognize the obvious. Harper is a man whose vision arrived too soon to be embraced. He is a man ahead of his time. Tragic, in a way. I personally think he would accomplish much more if he could be ushered into the Red Chamber. What a shame he couldn't add his name to a list of 18 others he elevated to the Senate recently. Quite frankly, I have nothing but admiration for many senators whose work often goes unappreciated. I've seen countless Senate documents over the years on everything from national security and emergency preparedness, to agriculture, to mental health and I've been impressed with what they've accomplished away from the glaring media spotlight, even if I suspect many MPs and cabinet ministers toss the documents into the recycling bin, unread. And they don't yell and scream or threaten to sue each other over imagined slights. I believe, contrary to the consensus opinion, that many are earning their $130,000 stipends. So Harper could fit in nicely with his Red Chamber colleagues and I'm sure many millions of Canadians would wish him well in this exciting new chapter of his life. Really, three years is way too long for a Conservative government to run Canada, anyway. After such a long span in power, entropy inevitably sets in. They are so much better in Opposition, something the Liberals really haven't done very well, largely because they've been out of practice for so long. It wouldn't be all work and no play for Harper in his new digs. I believe our PM would have a swell time in the Senate, swapping stock tips with other Tory senators, maybe playing a round or two on the links with K. Rove in Arizona, or going hunting, full body armour recommended, with D. Cheney. Harper could start to use that massive rolodex of names he built up over the years. I'm certain Condi Rice and Rummy might have more free time for a game of liar's poker, now that there's been a change in the White House and they are between jobs. And who knows what war stories he could swap with Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin about the strange machinations of the media elites. Yes, Harper could find his place in the sun. Granted, he would have to take a pay cut and maybe give up a few perks, but at least he won't have to face the electorate every two and half years. It's just a bad time to be a Conservative prime minister or Republican president these days, especially with so many people blaming so many of the world's ills on you. Talk about your colossal bad luck. It seems every single time there's a monstrous deficit, it's not some left-wing, granola-crunching free-spender who carries the can. It's Brian Mulroney, or Bush Jr. or now, Harper. Oh, those shifty Dems and Grits. But I digress. Once Harper moves on to his richly-deserved reward, perhaps the natural order of things might be restored with a new Liberal government installed and Conservative Party members returned to Opposition benches with beaming smiles on their faces. And who wouldn't want that?

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did you say "natural order" or "new world order" . . . dang conspiracy nuts!