Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gas 35 cents a litre cheaper....but not here???

Yes Loblaw's just lowered gas prices by .35 cents a litre and they didn't have to call those high priced people at IRAC. Unfortunately we mere Islanders can't take advantage of these savings because the rules at IRAC are silly and Companies like Canadian Tire, Sobey's, Wal-Mart, and Loblaws can't get to first base and open a gas bar here because of the silly rules. Competition breeds lower prices and it’s time to abolish IRAC and save Islanders Millions and Millions of dollars.... and let the market dictate the price not a bunch of political appointees. Islanders need to be able to take advantage of these savings.
Loblaw steps up to gas pumps for western Canadians
Limited time gas savings event can save western consumers up to 35 cents a litre
TORONTO, Aug. 1 /CNW/ - A recent report(1) has identified the price of
gas as an important challenge for 72% of Canadian respondents - tied with the
state of the healthcare system! To address this number one issue facing
Canadians today, Loblaw launches a western Canadian gas savings event. From
August 2 through to August 15, 2008, Real Canadian Superstore shoppers in
British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba can enjoy savings of up
to 35(2) cents per litre at Superstore Gas Bars.
The Gas Savings Event gives western Real Canadian Superstore shoppers the
opportunity to save up to 35 cents per litre (up to 100 litres) at any
Superstore Gas Bar as followings:
Buy $100(2) in groceries Save 10cents/L
Buy $150(2) in groceries Save 15cents/L
Buy $200(2) in groceries Save 25cents/L
PLUS: Save an additional 10cents/L(2) when you pay at a Superstore Gas
Bar with a President's Choice Financial MasterCard!
"We have listened to our customers - the price of gas has had an impact
on Canadian wallets and Loblaw wants to help ease the burden," says Inge van
den Berg, V.P. Public Affairs and Investor Relations, Loblaw Companies Ltd.
"Superstore has always offered great value to its customers and now the Gas
Savings Event allows our loyal customers to let their groceries drive them
To participate, shoppers must first obtain a coupon from the website or in-store. Between Saturday, August 2 and
Friday, August 15, 2008, customers must make a one-time grocery purchase of at
least $100 at the above noted Real Canadian Superstores. To redeem for gas
savings, customers present a valid Superstore receipt along with the coupon to
the Superstore Gas Bar. Customers can save an additional 10(2) cents per
litre, simply by paying with their PC MasterCard.

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Liz said...

I must say that I totally agree. Even in Halifax they have a gas bar at the Superstore (yes, I am aware that it happened before they got regulated.)
So what if it increases people going to that location? Doesn't Ultramar do the same thing with lowering their price on a certain day by 2 cents? Petro Canada and Esso with their points cards? I would love it if these big box stores could open up gas bars. Everyone can stand to save some money.