Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big Shoulders....

It certainly shows the good character of the McCain Family to be forthright with the public and accept the blame themselves. Although it will probably cost them dearly in the short term I'm sure that in the long run their honesty and dedication to fixing the problem with pay off with a stronger brand we can all trust. I won't hesitate to purchase their products in the future and I'm hoping others will as well...
Listeriosis outbreak is for Maple Leaf Foods to fix, president says
By The Canadian Press
TORONTO — The president of Maple Leaf Foods is putting responsibility for an ongoing national outbreak of listeriosis squarely on his company’s shoulders.
The company “violated our accountability in this circumstance,” Michael McCain told a news conference Wednesday in Toronto.
Six deaths have been confirmed as part of the listeriosis outbreak, which has been linked to recalled meat products made by Maple Leaf Foods, while another nine deaths are under investigation.
“This week, it’s our best efforts that failed, not the regulators or the Canadian food safety system,” McCain said.
“I emphasize: this is our accountability and it’s ours to fix, which we are taking on fully. We have and we continue to improve on our action plans.”

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