Saturday, August 9, 2008

$ 800,000.00 .... say no more!

It must have been all those viewers who watched "The Legends Of Golf" that have been breaking down the doors to get my 6:30 am tee time that got me booted off Crowbush. I remember thinking "where do we come up with these crazy ideas" when the previous Government announced "The Legends" another Government boondoggle. Think about it, they squandered a ton of money on The Legends and where are the results??? Our Provincial courses are down over 15% and it's time for Government to live up to their commitment and Sell, Sell, Sell... Yes we're going to get a lot of "talk" from the golf channel but I've watch more than a few of the Big Break episodes and the only location I can remember is "Kaanapali" and was it the golf I was watching or the ladies??? Do you really think that someone watches the program and hops on a plane and heads to "Ka'anapali"? I'm all for promoting our Island to get more visitors here but it sure seems like a lot of money for questionable returns and Golf Links have already proven this with "The Legends"... good news for the boys and girls at Golf Links as they should be able to garner a few more "trips" out of this deal and the "consultant" should be able to pick up some more "coin" for holding everyone's hand....
P.E.I. signs deal with Golf Channel
Friday, August 8, 2008
CBC News
The P.E.I. government announced a two-year partnership this morning with the U.S.-based Golf Channel on Friday.
The $800,000 deal will showcase P.E.I. golf on several Golf Channel programs, including its top reality show, The Big Break. Tourism Minister Valerie Docherty hopes this new agreement will help drive the lucrative U.S. golf market to the Island.
UPEI's Tourism Research Centre reports U.S. golfers spend about $26.1 billion a year on golf travel.
P.E.I. will be the first Canadian destination to be featured on The Big Break, a 12-part series that at the end of the season gives one talented amateur a chance to compete on the pro circuit.
"We create a series of golf challenges that they compete in, and each show someone gets eliminated," Golf Channel spokeswoman Theresa McCann told CBC News Friday.
"At the end we're ultimately left with one winner, the ultimate prize package will be the break of a lifetime."
Secret location
Earlier this week, the Western Graphic newspaper reported the series will shoot next month at the Mill River Golf Course in West Prince. On Friday Tourism Minister Valerie Docherty wouldn't confirm those details.
"I don't know why they printed that because we certainly haven't confirmed locations yet," said Docherty, noting the province has signed a confidentiality agreement.
"We're not even allowed to talk about it until after the show has been filmed."
Docherty said the exposure P.E.I. will receive on the Golf Channel is well worth the $800,000 investment. Reaching American golfers is a big part of the Island's tourism strategy, and Docherty believes $90 million in annual revenue from American golf travellers is achievable.
In addition to The Big Break feature, P.E.I. will appear as a destination on the Golf With Style series, and Legends of Golf 2006 and 2007 will be presented in edited form.
Earlier this year Docherty cancelled a contract with Legends of Golf, which had brought big names such as Jack Nicklaus and Mike Weir to play on P.E.I. One of the reason Docherty cancelled the event was because it was not being seen in the U.S.

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Yawn. You musta put an offer in on the golf courses or something, trying to bring down its value so you could get a deal?